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FontMassive - font manager and viewer


* Displaying fonts as a list


Features: Features: CursorFX

* Cursors with unlimited size

* Fully anti-aliased cursors

* Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors

* Animations and scripts

* Cursors with normal an

Icons-Land Sport
Vector Icons

This icon set contains 300 vector icons that represent different sports, Olympic Games, activities and sport inventory

icons land hardware devices vector icons  2.0

This stylish set of readily available vector icons (Adobe Illustrator format) represent 375 items of modern electronic hardware such as Computers, Mouses, Flash Cards, iPhone, iPod, Game Consoles, Servers, Cables, and much much more. The devices are pictu

cool icons search  2.0

You won't believe maybe, but your computer contains a lot of nice icons. Many files contains theirs inside. Cool Icons Search helps to find all icons on your computer and saves images into libraries files (*. icl ) and icon files (*. ico ). Also, you ca

Proycontec Desktop Icons

This icon pack is provided completely FREE. You are allowed to use it for changing your desktop icons such as "My Computer", or "My Network Places",etc, or to make use of these icons for whichever is your project, even if it is a commercial one

Mango Chat

Mango Chat is a full-featured ASP.NET chat component which allows website owners to add

chat functionality to their website

EXTIF pro 2.0

Color separation without detour via PDF - not only from MS Office (.doc, .ppt, .xls) On the - so far conventional - workflow via PostScript/PDF very often there are problems with color, missing fonts and pixelation. Amongst other reasons, that is becau

autoshutter  2.0

AutoShutter enables you to have an upper hand over long boring computer processing time which you can not wait. AutoShutter enables you to time the PC.

abccrypto  2.0

ABCCrypto is an ATL COM component for encrypting and decrypting data. It's incredibly simple to use and works with virtually any format you'll ever come across. You can encrypt or decrypt variants, BLOB data or files. ABCCrypto uses the standard Windows

7 quick fix  2.0

"7 Quick Fix 2.0" a click and fix utility that can fix 108 common Windows 7 errors, problems and tweaks. There are a lot of excellent Windows comprehensive repairing and fixing tools around the internet. But there are times when you want just one quick fi

taskbarext  2.0

TaskExt is a Freeware Taskbar Management application for the Microsoft Windows. This small utility allows you to drag and drop applications button on the Windows Taskbar, plus you can also create groups of running applications buttons to save the required

jetboost  2.0 Beta

JetBoost ensures top performance for your PC by shutting down unnecessary background processes and services, and prioritizing processes. Close Processes Shuts down unnecessary processes and services, either Windows or non-Windows, to release more syste

perfectspeed pc optimizer  2.0 Build 116

From the most trusted name in Microsoft Certified disk defragmentation technology, PerfectDisk. ● All-in-one Defrag, Registry, Duplicate File and Privacy Protection ● Completely automated using AutoPilot Scheduling ● Proven safe and eff

PNG reference library

Reference library for supporting the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format

javara  2.0 Beta 3 / 1.1.6

Java software in general and the Java JRE in particular allow you to run applications called 'applets' that are written in the Java programming language. You probably have Java JRE installed on your computer because these applets allow you to play online