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Acronis Backup & Recovery Universal Restore for Workstations

What happens when a system's hardware fails or needs to be retired? How do you move the valuable applications and data to a new system or hardware after disaster strikes? How do you quickly restore a system after the hardware has changed?

Stu's Opera Settings Import & Export Tool

A little freeware tool I wrote to take some of the pain out of managing/migrating/backing up/restoring Opera profiles

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher (Duplicate Searcher) is an application for searching duplicate files (clones) and NTFS hard links to the same file

Directory List & Print

Directory List & Print is a software tool for Windows and enables listing and printing the content of any directory in a simplest way

Desk & Archive

Are you a business person that constantly works with office applications?

This is the only file manager built with office productivity in mind

Free One Click ZIP & RAR Wizard

The fast, free and easy way to extract hundreds of compressed zip and rar files with just one click

Extract Date Modified, Created & Accessed From Multiple Files Software

This software offers a solution for users who want to retrieve the date and time data of multiple files

Data & Files Recovery

MiMU Files Data Recovery, is a no-risk data recovery utility that assists you in recovering important data which was lost after drive format, virus problems, software corruption, file/directory deletion, file/directory corruption and more!


Zip & Resize Photos for WinZip

Zip & Resize Photos specializes in compressing digital images because this special type of files cannot be well compressed by usual file compression utilities

SynchronEX Backup & FTP

SynchronEX is a versatile tool for synchronization, backup and FTP of files and directories - optimized for one-click automation and supporting shell usage