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GlobeMaster: Offline Travel Guide & Utilities

"It’s an impressive collection of knowledge, and I think you’d have a hard time visiting a country NOT listed in this app."
- Michael from iPhone App

"This app is so incredibly simple to navigate that it’s almost

Gathering Utilities

From Meek is Murder, LLC, developer of "Modern Unlocks 2" comes "Gathering Utilities" - the perfect (unofficial) companion utilities app for the enduringly popular collectible card game "Magic: The Gathering."® Featuring 1-4 player life counters, compre

iTutti Music Utilities

iTutti is a simple 3 in 1 utility for professional musicians, or those aspiring. It includes a toner to generate pure tones at selected frequencies. Tones generated are easily selectable by semi-tone or octave or even a specific frequency in Hertz if

Looptek Pocket Utilities

This unique and extremely useful set of tools provides various utilities that you will find indispensable. And as long as you have your iPhone and our Pocket Utilities they will always be right at your fingertips. Currently Looptek Pocket Utilities incl

Desk Utilities

This virtual Desk include 17 Subapps respectively Subfunctions/Windows. Click on the symbols and you get a popup window with this contents:

- Calculator (+ - * / =)
- Weather (4 day preview, preview grafic)
- LCD Clock (fullscreen wi

Texas Utilities Code

The Texas Utilities Code, on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Plus, we use our revenue to give back to the legal community! Check out our website for details. Features: • Fully offline – just download and go! • Lightning-fast speed. • Full-text searc

Utilities Categories

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You put your bread in the toaster, you press the button, then what? You can’t walk away. You’ll forget about it and return 10 minutes later to find burnt toast. There is no other option but to stand there aimlessly waiting for that little beep. iAmWaitin

X-ray Utilities

The X-rayUtils app is a reference utility application for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Perfect for synchrotron scientists and other x-ray users! These are all the things that I always wish I had easy access to at a beam line. The utility is composed

Zebra Utilities

Mobile Printing Made Easy! Zebra Utilities is the first app that enables you to print to labels, receipts and encode RFID tags directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a Zebra Technologies printer. Mobile, Desktop, Tabletop and Kiosk printers are

All Star Tic Tac Toe – For your iPhone and iPod touch!

We combined finger painting with Tic Tac Toe to create a new game that’s a fun twist on the original!

Plus, there are never any hidden in-app purchases… everything’s always included!

Round up your players, and then simply finger pa

Clix Utilities

Finally, a tool to aid in your superhero chess battles! Recreate any map with different terrain and markers. Use pictures to designate figures. Now checking to see if your line of fire is blocked is easier than ever!

CDN Utilities

This utility allows you to easily convert between transfer based pricing models and speed based pricing models used in CDN services. The user is able to control the number of days per month, average to 95th percentile ratio and the factor for 2 to the 10

Dashboard Free ~ All-IN-1: Launch Center, Music, Utilities and Games

Gather all the things you need in one app!

* Launch Center
Create shortcuts for your favorite actions: make phone calls, send messages, send emails, open websites, launch applications

* Music Discovery
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Utilities 13 in 1 for Minecraft

••• The best Minecraft players will have this app. Jacob, Chicago •••

Thirteen apps in one makes Utilities for Minecraft a must-have app for every Minecraft fan. That's what you get with the latest Minecraft related app from Seejaykay.

Pocket Utilities

NOW 8 KEY UTILITIES in ONE PLACE for your ease of use! Everything that you care about day to day is here: Timer, World Clock, Alarm Clock, Weather, Calculator, Converter ANYTHING, Lotto Number Picker & Musical Torch!

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