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Chip tuning

This application provides access to Power Chip SRL chip tuning database. Users can browse thru all the car models and find out exactly what is the power increase for each model listed and also price for PowerChip optimised software. Features: - Chip Tu

Gran Turismo Tuning Guide

Check out our new web version! Ever had the desire to take full advantage of all the customizable components available to you in Gran Turismo 5? Here's your gateway to doing so! This app contains explanations for every tunable co

Chakra Tuning

Bring yourself into balance with Chakra Tuning! There are 7 major chakras located in the human body. These are energy centers which give and receive energy to various aspects of our lives. Each chakra corresponds to it's own life aspect. These 7

Dotz Tuning Wheels Configurator HD

Following the great success of the app, Dotz has boosted the application with a new QR code scanner and the popular wheel configurator. In the future, every Dotz wheel at your local tuning shop comes with a QR code you can scan with your mobile phone or

DOTZ Tuning Wheels Configurator

This app is a complete new experience! Following the great success of the app, Dotz has boosted the application with a new QR code scanner, a magazine reader were you can browse all Dotz Print Mags and the popular wheel configurator. In the future, eve

Piano Tuning DIY

A simple iPhone/iTouch tool to tuning a piano. Piano tuning is a surprisingly simple process, using the three pictured tools: mutes, electronic tuner and a tuning wrench. Modern method tuner In the past, tuning a piano was as much an art form as it was a


Mit der tuning-App kann man stets die neusten Beiträge auf entspannt lesen, sich umfangreich informieren und unzählige Bilder betrachten. Im Club-Verzeichnis finden sich mehr als 1.500 tuning-Clubs aus ganz Europa, die nach verschiedenen Suchkr


Informação sobre o tuning Portugues This app was built through AppMakr Visit our website at for more information.

The Tuning Fork

Use your device as a virtual tuning fork!

This beautifully designed realization of the classical tuning fork for iPhone, iPod or iPad plays a pre-selected tone and features:

- Freely adjustable frequency
- Realistic fade-in

Tuning Fork Schott Music

Tuning Fork - Schott Music
Stay tuned with our new tuning fork app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app includes various concert pitches. The tuning fork is easy to use. Just select a frequency by swiping with your finger and tap the screen o

Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork offers a realistic simulation of a real tuning fork. Many musicians prefer to tune their instruments using a single reference note. This application offers a convenient and elegant solution for anyone who enjoys the pure simplicity of tuning

Tuner Tool, Guitar Tuning Made Easy

TunerTool is a guitar and string instruments tuning tool. Both experts and beginners can tune their guitar in seconds, and share their riffs with the world.

TunerTool is now integrated with Riffer, the first instant music social network. Tun

Barça Tuning

*** The APP everyone has been waiting *** *** FINALLY ON OUR LOGO T-SHIRT F.C. BARCELONA *** This season is the first time the football team FC Barcelona (Barça) has hired advertising on their shirts. This team has always boasted of being "something more

Guitar Tuning

Easy to use application for tuning your guitar. Just tap the string to start tuning. - Standard tuning - D tuning - Eb tuning - Metronome

Tuning Fork Toy

★★★ DOWNLOAD FOR FREE FROM ITUNES TODAY! ★★★ Turn your iPhone or iPod into a virtual tuning fork and enjoy the fun of hearing the sweet tap of a tuning fork and seeing virtual sound waves in rainbow colors! Best experienced by holding firmly onto your iPh

Tuning Fork DES

With this app you may listen the tuning fork sound, simply touching the picture or shaking the device, or you can check the correctness of the sound played by your tuning fork or pitch pipe. This application has a tuner too, and "listen" the sound of a