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Atomic Toy

From the maker of the very popular particle app "Tesla Toy" comes "Atomic Toy".

Things you can do with "Atomic Toy"
• Amuse your fingers, eyes and mind with the incredible responsiveness and visuals of this app <

Magic Laptop Preschool All-In-One • Activity Kids Learning Toy Phone -

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***** Developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational specialists.
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Are We There Yet? sound toy

Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? App includes: - 4 sound buttons to play the classic annoying game perfect for long drives. Set the volume of the sound with your phone. - Buttons to send “Are We There Yet?”

Toy Tennis Lite

Follow Wurd Industries on Facebook and Twitter (@wurdindustries)! Check out Toy Tennis HD For the iPad! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Completely new version! - Completely Redesigned Visual

Bubbly Toy

Bubbly Toy is a physics and drawing toy. Create and control a canvas of lively and colorful bubbles. Great for kids!

The Loonimals Toy Box

Why get one game, when you can have a whole Toy Box of fun? **** "There’s just too much to do with this and the replay value is off the charts! " - The iPad Zone **** The Loonimals Toy Box turns your iPad into a box of delights for children! They c

Drum Toy

Drum Toy ‘thinks’ the way drummers do. Find the pocket, lay down the main groove and sprinkle lightly with a few tasty fills or variations here and there to keep things fresh. Drum Toy is set up to force certain beats while leaving others to just the righ

Smiley Color Toy

Smiley Color Toy is an iPhone/iPod touch app aimed at small children. It let's the child experiment with colors in a playful manner by swiping on-screen sliders back and forth.

Da Toy Man

"BEWARE: this may be the most addictive game ever!" Using your accelerometer (tilt control) you need to save your ToyMan from falling down! The further you manage to go, the higher your score! Also, pickup as many coins as possible to boost even more you

Developer Toy

Developer Toy is the most advanced mockup app for iphone/ ipod touch. Because you can control all kinds of attributes for all views. For example, other mockups can't design accessoryView for tableViewCell, can'tuse segmentControl for navigationbar,can't e

Type Toy

A typographic game and tool.

Toy Phone

****** ALL VOICES IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND FRENCH ****** KIDS WILL LEARN LANGUAGES WHILE HAVING FUN!!! Toddlers bored while out and about? Need a distraction while on trains, planes and in the car? Are your children always desperate to play on your phone?

Toy Match FREE

Play a fun Matching game for Kids with cute Vinyl Toys! You will love playing the traditional game of Matching while oogling at the cute, vinyl toys and characters! These Toys are so cute, you wish you could Own them all!

Toy Factory – Christmas Edition

A new game just for pre-schoolers and young kids! Help Santa and his elves build as many toys as possible, in time for Christmas. Hurry! Santa needs to deliver all the toys to kids around the world and time is running out. Ducks, Cars, Trains, Dolls and

Toy Clock Pro

This is NOT a clock application. It is an application to teach your child how to read a time shown on a clock. As a parent, you should ensure that your child knows how to use the analog clock. Choose either the Male US or Female UK voices to announce th

Toy Clock Lite

This is NOT a clock application. It won't tell you the current time of the day. Instead, this LITE version is an application to teach your child, or anyone for that matter, how a clock would work. ***************************************** The full versi