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Bonfyre App – Free Private Photo Sharing App, Group Chat & Text, Event

Bonfyre connects you directly with your friends and family to chat, share photos and videos, and create memories, without ads or interruption.

Moreover, Bonfyre is an experience network that helps you share private photos and videos in a gro

Bistri - Private Sharing

Bistri is a private social network. We believe most stories are meant to be private and not to be shared with all of your contacts.

Bistri is the best way to share things such as photos and files from your Dropbox with your closest friends a

LivingOrganized - Personal Organizer with Selective Sharing

LivingOrganized is now available as an universal iOS app (optimized for both iPhone and iPad)

LivingOrganized - The only Personal Organizer that offers Selective Sharing.

How LivingOrganized works? Watch Video.

iRant- Video Message Sharing

Join the Hottest All Video Social Media Community. Come tap in to a whole new world of social media and meet new people and stay up to date with the old.

iRant combines the features of the top social media and video sharing sites all in one

Neuralyzer 3:  The Most Slender And Indestructible Neuralizer App For

★★★★★ "Great fun. I love the sounds and that you can send a photo. Love it!" -HaJaaaa

★★★★★ "Cool Fun! ...I feel just like Will Smith. Zapped myself accidentally and forgot what I wanted to say..." - MikeTheBest97


Sharing with Duckie Deck - 6 in 1 Educational Games for Kids

"Sharing with Duckie Deck is a significant app."
-- 4.5/5 -

"Unlike most educational apps, the games are so genuinely fun"
-- 86/100 -

Sharing with Duckie Deck is a

QR Creator - Reading, generating and sharing of QR Codes

Reading, generating and sharing of QR codes and standard bar codes via the apps reader function.

Custom generated QR codes can be saved and shared using the apps reader function.

Fast, easy, handy and extremely useful!


Climber - Video Sharing for

Climber is the fun and easy way to record and share videos with your friends on

• Record videos up to 11 seconds with a simple interface
• All videos are posted with a caption to your account
• Videos are stored in y

eFile - File Sharing, File Manager, Mp3 Player, WiFi FlashDrive & Docu

eFile is the File Manager for ios device. You can use your device as a Wi-Fi flash disk.
You can connect to iPhone from a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (on the same Wi-Fi network). No special software required on your computer.


Xsync - File Sharing & Transfer with Dropbox and PayPal

• Featured by Walt Mossberg in The Wall Street Journal •
Connect any two phones and share files easily!

Want to send a file on your phone or in your cloud to someone right next to you? They don’t have the same type of phone as you? Xsy

AutoDash - GPS Information and Location Sharing

An enhanced dashboard for your automobile providing real-time GPS and location information at a glance.

Continuously updated speed, location, direction, address and weather.

Chance (by

This app is for meeting new friends from around the world. It will introduce you to random strangers. You decide whether to chat with them or not.

You just tap take a chance, and you will be chatting with somebody new. If you like them you c

BT Sharing Pro

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► Can you imagine, an application which allows to transfer files!!
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This app has best photo sharing feature

Sprinter – Photo Sharing for

Sprinter is the easiest way to share photos with your friends on

• Use the simple camera interface to capture a photo and apply a photo filter
• Interact with other people! Reply to, Star, and Repost photos in the global stream

Wish list sharing

Wish list Sharing allows you to create one or more wish lists and share them via:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- iCloud
- Mail
- AirPrint

Adding a wish to your wish list is simple and intuitive. As soon as your wis

Norton Zone – Safe and easy file sharing

Norton Zone powered by Symantec is a FREE personal cloud service that lets you safely share your photos, videos, and documents from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Built-in controls let you decide who can access your files, so you can keep you