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iPone is a service for Gmail that is re-inventing email attachments.


* Securely copy attachments into Skydrive, Dropbox, GDrive, Egnyte or Box. Free account allows 75 files per month to be copied in cloud ac

AS Share Photo - send photos via WiFi to iPhone, iPod Touch and deskto

Did you ever try to send photos on your iPhone to your friends? Did you think it's impossible? Now it's possible by using AS Share Photo. AS Share Photo provides an easy way to allow you sending photos to other iPhones/iPod Touches. What you need is onl

AceMail - send multiple audio and photo attachment in high resolution

Send multiple audio files and photos (in full resolution) via e-mail, do you think it's really cool ? Select your photos or audio, and you can record for seconds or hours. Support different resolutions for photos: -- Original Size -- 1600 pixes -- 1200

Easy Gps Log & Location Data Send by Sms/Email

Would you like to check your location details and send that details to your friend/family by just touching one button ?
What if you could easily record all Gps start-stop session into seperate files and when you need you could send that log detai

Backup Contacts!Restore and Send Contacts!Delete ALL!

UPDATE: Now with functionality to delete all contacts The easiest way to backup and restore your contacts, all from your phone without needing a computer! NOTE: This is the Lite Version and supports ads, search "Backup & Send Contacts" to get the ad-free

GPS Send

GPS Send is a quick and easy way to share your location with other users of this app. Use it with friends and family members to meet at that great new restaurant or to know where your kids are when they need to be picked up. Also, you can invent new gam

Contact Sender - Send Contact Details via SMS

Ever wanted to send a phone number from your contacts to someone else via SMS or E-mail? Contact Sender is an application that allows you to easily pick a phone number from your phone's contacts and send that to another contact via SMS or E-mail. Curr

I'm Right Here - Easily send your GPS location to Friends

★★★★★ SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE, ★★★★★ The best way to tell someone where you are. Send an email with map image, or SMS a link to same. We make incredibly straight forward apps, see "REMINDERS!" featured in all countries on the iTunes AppStore! ✓ Send a


Christmas is coming, don't miss this chance to send personalized greetings to your loved ones! With myXmasCard you can make as many cards as you need. Send a card to different recipients, or make a unique card for each one of them!

DropPhox - Snap and send to Dropbox

★ Recommended ★ Mac|Life "Today, we'll show you how you can easily back every photo you take with your iPhone, thanks to an ingenious iOS application and our friends at Dropbox." TUAW "DropPhox is a little gem

MapAlarm - Store My Places, OpenStreetMaps, Send My Position, GPS Remi

... a must-have app - 5/5 stars! (connect magazine)
... among the 11 most important business apps!

Get MapAlarm today! The smart location-based reminder & social mapping tool is your all-in-one mapping solution:

* create loc

Dictate + Connect (Dictamus)

Dictamus is now Dictate + Connect, and ready for iOS 7.

Leave your dictaphone in your office. With Dictate + Connect on your iPhone or iPad, you'll always be with a recorder that can do more than most high-end dictaphones, and that's

xMail – Mass Personalized Email from Excel

xMail is the most efficient way to send personalized bulk email using data from an Excel file. You can type the email’s subject , body , to, cc , bcc and attachment file name on your spreadsheet.You can personalize the email’s subject and body. For exampl

iProtest – Send Funny Messages

Send funny messages and pictures to your friends using this cool app, while typing the message on signs and pictures from different protests and demonstrations took place at different locations around the world. Features: - Send funny messages and pictur

Encrypt SMS - Send Secret Text Messages

Ever wanted to send a text message or SMS that only you and your recipient can understand? Need to send confidential information via SMS, safe from anyone's prying eyes? Encrypt SMS is a tool that allows you to encrypt messages that you send out with a

iChristmas Cracker

This digital christmas cracker uses two devices and is fun for the whole family! Simply connect the two half crackers via bluetooth - and then give it a good pull! Bang! Read your joke and try on the hat! Then pull again! Use it over and over again,