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Khan Academy: Probability

Ximarc Studios Inc is proud to bring you Khan Academy Probability. Khan Academy Probability allows students to learn Probability through various videos which are download directly on your Iphone or Ipod touch and in the future to your Ipad. Students can w

Probability Calculator

Key Fearures: 1. 5 PDF functions 2. 3 CDF functions a. Fisher F-Distribution b. Normal distribution c. Standard Normal Distribution 3. 9 p-Values + 5 inverse a. Chi-Square test b. Correlation Coefficient c. Fisher F-test & inverse d. Fisher' Exact Test e

Probability and Statistics

This pocket sized Probability and Statistics guide was developed by the same team of the #1 best selling math software - Math Advantage. The award winning content was designed by experienced classroom teachers. With plain and brain-friendly language, th

Probability Pro

Pop quiz: you flip a fair coin 50 times. What is the probability that it lands on heads at least 25 times? The number of computations involved in answering that question is staggering. The formulas can cause nightmares. "Probability Pro" will tell yo

Statistics & Probability by WAGmob

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WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Statistics and Probability*".

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Randov Probability Calculator

Simple to use, Randov finds percentiles and cumulative probabilities for some common probability distributions: normal (Gaussian), Snedecor's F, Student's t, exponential, Poisson, binomial, and geometric. With this mobile application, you won't ever nee

Numbers and Probability

Fun, colourful and interactive GCSE maths revision apps providing thousands of examples, clues and easy-to-remember revision notes. Passing your maths exam starts here! Why did we create these apps? Because we know how it feels to read through big, bori

Video Statistics and Probability Tutor by Dr. Larry Green

With 11 MAJOR CATEGORIES and 58 VIDEO LECTURES totaling over 7 HOURS of lessons, Video Statistics and Probability Tutor covers elementary to advanced statistics in video, tutorial form. * These 58 VIDEOS are in app, not streamed from Internet. You can u

Battle Probability Plan

Don't just guess. Know your odds when playing RISK™, Conquer Club, or similar games and defeat all those who stand against you. Battle Plan gives you the probability that you'll win at a given battle. Just enter the number of attacking and defending armi

BOP:Blackjack Of Probability

BOP (Blackjack Of Probability) Blackjack is the most popular game in casinos. Many types of Blackjack App in the Appstore. But, the BOP is a new way of looking at the Blackjack. Maybe the BOP is easier than Blackjack Counting. Do you want win money in

Data Analysis, Probability, Statistics from Elevated Math

The nine lessons in this group provide initial instruction or intervention on data analysis, probability and statistics. The first five lessons introduce students to the terminology and tools of the branch of mathematics called statistics. Statistics dea

Event Probability

This Application will solve for Multiple Event Probability. Multiple Event probability is used to find the probability for multiple events that occurs for an experiment. I'm no Apple genius and everyday is a learning experience for me and by supporting m

Probability we get married

★Diagnose your relationship! ★Let's check how much possibility is there we are going to get married! Hope every couple downloads the app will get married as well as single people.! ◆◆◆Review◆◆◆ I just tried it for fun, but the result is quite accura

High Probability Trading Pro

A popular form of technical analysis is the use Fibonacci price retracements for determining trend changes. Finding the Fibonacci retracements often requires the drawing of a line between two or more points on the chart, in some cases between high p

High School Math Statistics & Probability -  Common Core curriculum bu

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