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123 Kids Fun MEMO Lite

123 Kids Fun Memo Lite is a free collection of six awesome educational games for toddlers and preschoolers (ages 3 - 6)

123 Kids Fun Games Lite - Free Educational Games for Toddlers and Pres

123 Kids Fun Games Lite is a collection of educational games for preschoolers (ages 2 to 5)

Abby's Toys - Games For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Enter into this wonderful world of toys! Abby's Toys for Kids, a new app by 22learn, brings you two thematic categories of toys divided into the amazing total of four game modes. Enjoy how your children

EarlyZoo - 80 Animals to Learn for Preschoolers

The EarlyZoo Application was created to help parents and caregivers teach preschoolers the basics of zoology and biology through the discovery of 80 different animals classified in 8 different categories. In the EarlyZoo App you will find a short descri

Preschool EduKitchen - Amazing Early Learning Fun Educational Games fo

★★Dear Parents and Educators, Thank you so much for making this app a BEST SELLING educational game!★★

★★Please make sure to UPDATE your iOS to the LATEST version to get the best performance! (If you do not know how, please email us and we w

Letter Fun! For Preschoolers And Early Readers

FROM OUR KIDS TO YOUR KIDS - your children will love learning letters and spelling with this game for preschoolers and early readers! Lush, bright graphics along with clear letter and word image visuals make it attractive to younger preschoolers, but

Prepared Preschoolers

Is your child ready for Pre-K? Make sure your kid is one step ahead of the game with this fun application that presents: * Numbers up to 20 * Basic and Advanced Colors AND * Shapes With a simple shake your preschooler can switch activities with no paren

I Like Music – Story Book For Preschoolers

★★★★★ A pure joy! What a lovely children's book ★★★★★

Approved by parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

The only FULLY customizable children's book app of its kind!

The "I Like" children's pi

Lazy Larry Lizard bedtime story book for preschoolers - Wasabi Product

An animated storybook app designed for preschoolers. Interact with Larry to progress the story and be delighted by his reactions to your touch. Perfect for bedtime.

"Even after a year of reading books we could touch, the 'Larry'

Brainy Kids- All in One Educational Application for Preschoolers & Pri

Seeing is believing - It is proven that image oriented learning is faster and more effective for kids. They love the small challenges and rejoice in the small victories. The Application is bundled with 5 Preschooler Modules & 4 Primary Student Modules. I

Smart Kid ABC Lite - ABC's and Spelling for Preschoolers

Have fun learning the ABC's and spelling with Smart Kid ABC. Featuring HD graphics, the app has been designed for little fingers and to facilitate learning at an early age. With this lite version you get full functionality for the Spelling and My Name m

Stack ‘N Puzzles – Kid’s Puzzle Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Join Stack, a beaver who loves to build puzzles, to piece together his city. As your kid plays this puzzle game, he or she will also be learning about everything that goes into a city: museum, fire truck, school, buses and a whole lot more!

Preschool EduKitchen-Free Amazing Early Learning Fun Educational Games

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Children Love to Play in the Kitchen, So Our No Muss, No Fuss EduKitchen App Delivers Hours of Logic Based, Early Learning Fun While inspiring Toddlers and Preschoolers to Eat Heal

Leo's Pad 2: Educational app for preschoolers

Who knew that science for preschoolers could be so fun!  Your child will love building a rocket with young versions of Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, and Marie Curie.  "Rocket to the Stars" is the seco

Kids Jigsaw Puzzles School 2+: Kids Puzzles Early Learning Game ideal

Welcome to "Kids Jigsaw Puzzles School 2+", the version of the ultimate children’s puzzle app for iPad that includes 111 picture perfect puzzles for children aged 2+ to help them progressively refine their observational skills to master puzzl

Sharing with Duckie Deck - 6 in 1 Educational Games for Kids

"Sharing with Duckie Deck is a significant app."
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Sharing with Duckie Deck is a