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Baseball Pitch Counter (ages 8 to 14)

Track the total number of pitches, strikes, balls, strike outs, walks, outs pitched, and earned runs in a game. Keep stats and track pitchers for two pitchers at at time.

Alerts coaches and parents using new 2010 Rules for the most popular

Aqua Pitch

Remember those water tank toys where you push the buttons and it shoots out air that makes the balls go into hoops? Well this is totally one of those, but for your iPhone & iPod Touch. Aqua Pitch brings all the fun of old school water toys to the palm o

Baseball Pitch Count

"Developer Keld Sperry brings the task of tracking pitcher workloads to the iPhone and iPod touch with Baseball Pitch Count, a simple, though largely effective pitch counter."
- Philip Michael

Classic Pitch Count

Classic Pitch Count is a free app that provides a simple solution to your basic pitch counting needs. The uncluttered interface allows you to track balls, strikes and total pitches for both teams. Audio feedback is provided to confirm each pitch is co

Pitch Invasion 5-a-side

WHAT IS PITCH INVASION? Pitch Invasion is the UK’s leading operator of high-energy, zero-hassle football leagues. Players can enjoy a weekly game of 5 or 6-a-side football at one of our stunning venues around the country. THE APP Whether you are a c

Fast Pitch Network

Fast Pitch Mobile gives members access to latest news and information from Fast Pitch Networking social network for professionals.


Ask any coach what they look for in a good pitcher and the first thing they always say, "They must throw strikes." pitcherStats is a training tool that allows coaches and parents the ability to track pitching performance. pitcherStats is the app you need

pitch training

あなたの音判断力を試してみませんか? "pitch training"试验你的音感。 ・みんなが集まった時に ・合コンの時に ・子供の教育に ・チューナー替わりに ・音感のトレーニングに ・カラオケが上手くなるために ・ピアノの調律に ・脳の活性化に The "pitch training" tests your sense of pitch.When you hit the Start button, you'll hear a certain sound.So you hit the same p

Voice Pitch Changer

"Voice Pitch Changer" is an application that changes pitch of your voice easily.

It makes the Karaoke and the podcast happier.

Becoming another singer's voice when the pitch of singer's voice was changed in

mimiCopy - Slow Down & Pitch Shift Player

mimiCopy is a music player that helps guitarists and other musicians 'learn by ear' a track of their choice. You can playback at slower speed without any change in pitch, or use the waveform view to skip to a particular segment or set a loop.

My Pitch Count Free

My Pitch Count Free lets you keep track of balls, strikes, foul balls, hits, hits for outs and total pitches. Try it now !

The full version includes pitch counts for 5 home team pitchers and 5 visitor team pitchers, scoreboard and now a RAD

My Pitch Count

I want to thank all that have purchased My Pitch Count. With your support I have sent a player to a baseball camp and I will be sponsoring a baseball team this fall. Thanks again.


Music Pitch Spectrum

A 12th-octave musical-pitch-centered spectrum viewer for iPad

See all the frequency harmonics from the real-time microphone input. Spectrum is displayed relative to an equal-tempered musical frequency scale. Frequencies bars are highlighte

Sound 8

Q: How do you change a sounds pitch and volume? A: You roll the sound over the screen. Sound 8 lets you do just that. Up to 8 Sounds can be controlled via the accelerometer and/or touch. Positions can be randomized and each sounds panning can be control

PitchCalc - Electronic Pitch Gauge

This little application calculates pitch angles of RC Helicopters. For this purpose you have only to fill in the values for the blade length and the distance between the blades when you have folded them over. This tool is very useful in flybar less setup

Pitch Speed

The easiest way to see how fast a pitcher is throwing! Simply tap the button when the ball is thrown and tap again when it is caught to receive one of the most accurate pitch speeds available without a radar gun. Pitch Speed Pro automatically saves t