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Billy Sheahan Photography

Billy Sheahan is a world traveling independent photographer specializing in compelling storytelling with photos. He creates both black & white and color fine art, travel, fashion and people photography. Over the last 15 years, Billy has produced the hig

Digital Photography Glossary

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Digital Photography Enthusiast

Digital Photography Enthusiast is all about enabling the keen photographer and providing the tools to blur the line between professional and amateur with tips, tutorials, advice and techniques. Digital darkroom techniques show how to fix, enhance and resc

Digital Photography - Take Pictures Like a Pro

Learn the Secrets of Digital Photography and Start Taking Pictures Like a Professional TODAY! This book is perfect for the novice photographer as well as the professional. It offers up practical advice on everything from taking portraits of friends and

Digital SLR Photography Toolkit For Dummies

*** SALE! Special pricing on this App *** Whether you’re moving from a film SLR to digital or trading in your point-and-shoot for the latest digital SLR offering, there’s a lot to learn. This must-have app has the scoop on the latest digital photography

ExpertVideo: Digital Photography

******* ON SALE! - NOW 50% OFF - THROUGH THIS WEEK ONLY! ******* ExpertVideo: Digital Photography is the premier iPhone and iPod Touch video collection of digital photography tutorials. Want to learn how to sharpen your digital photography skills? With a

Family Photography - Photo Posing Guide

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: If you have already purchased the app called "iPose U - Photo Posing Guide" DO NOT buy this app. This is the families & relationships section of that app. Read further: Apple featured our iPose U app in the New & Noteworthy section

Guide to Underwater Photography - Editing and Manipulations

Guide to Underwater Photography - Editing and Manipulations is a pocket reference for underwater photographers to get the most from their photos. The guide covers :- Adjusting White Balance and Levels, Colour adjustments, Cropping, Spot Healing, Clon

Guide to Underwater Photography

Guide to Underwater Photography is a pocket reference for taking great underwater photos. The guide covers Equipment, Preparation of Equipment, The Mechanics of Photography and Camera setup, Underwater Safety, Composition & Techniques, Tips for better pho

Guide to Advanced Underwater Photography

Guide to Advanced Underwater Photography is a pocket reference for experienced underwater photographers, who want to improve their skills further.
The guide covers :- Lighting, Strobes, Rear Curtain Flash, White Balance, Natural Light, Close Foc

A Storm & Bad Weather Photography Collection

This app is an incredible photography collection of storm pictures!

Lightning strikes, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, and more!

It’s all here!

Don’t forget that all updates are FREE!

Photography Wallpapers for iPhone

One of the best collections of Photography wallpapers allows you to transform your device background into a Photo Frame. This app specifically designed for iPhone's with lots of high resolution images. Show off your modern-day approach with lots of excep

Charles Le Photography

This app is all about Charles Le Phtography. Charles Le is an award-winning photographer in Northern California who provides wedding and portrait photography throughout California and also travels on assignments. He has been serving the community for te

History of Photography

History of Photography contains the history of photography including images and stories.

John Andrews Photography

The John Andrews Client Connect iPhone application allows current and prospective clients to keep in touch with the Studio on the go. In addition to numerous options to connect within the application (touch to call, touch to email, Facebook, Twitter, Map

Melinda Kim Photography

Melinda Kim Photography is one of the premier photogrophers throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties. Melinda Kim photographs everything including pre-natal mothers, newborns, family portraits and candids, weddings, and other life-changing events. She c