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Asian Photography

India's premier photography Business to Consumer (B to C) publication, devoted to photography both in the professional and amateur segments… with a very high monthly circulation and is patronized by the entire industry including advertisers like

Mastering Photography

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Underwater World Photography

Life began in the sea and 80 percent of Earth's life still lives there. In the ocean, life has evolved in a myriad of varieties, and shapes and sizes, from the great whales, to the tiniest of plankton.

On the largest living things in th

Hong Kong DLR Photo Tour from Disney Photography Blog

Ever wanted to see any of what one of the non-US parks looks like?

Hong Kong DLR Photo Tour will give you that, a collection of 50 images (for the iPhone 4, 5, and iPad devices) from a more intimate version of the theme park we have all gr

Introduction to Digital Photography by WAGmob

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Mobile Photography

Unlock the secrets of your mobile phone, with this comprehensive photography course.
Why invest in expensive photography equipment when everything you need for creative vibrant images is on your mobile right now.

*Master composition, z

Disneyland Resort Wallpapers from Disney Photography Blog

The team at bring you 30 high resolution images for your iPad.

Celebrate where the magic all started. Save the images to your camera roll so you can use them as your wallpaper or lock screen or share them out via e

FaceMine Lite - Photography Editing

FaceMine Lite is an advanced image editor that allows you to edit and apply effects to your favorite photos. Apply your favorite effects such as:

Features include:

Professional-quality effects

• Enhance your photos with d

Nature Wallpapers, Themes & Scenic Photography Backgrounds

Gorgeous Nature and Scenic Backgrounds, Wallpapers, and Themes made just for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

Includes over 100 different designs created specifically for fans of the great outdoors, travelers, and nature lovers alike!

Aviation Photography Cologne

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NightShot –x Night Vision Slow Shutter Speed Photography (Photos and V

We are thrilled to announce a "Night Vision (Photo & Video)" application. Whenever you need to take picture or video at low luminosity condition on iPhone or iPad this application is right for you. The application was maturing almost one

DonChris! Photography

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Living Design Magazine - architecture, photography, art, fashion, land

"unique, informative & visually bold" *****

Have just discovered Living Design Magazine and...I'M HOOKED!" *****

After looking at a number of magazines I was referred this one

Racing Elements - A unique racing-themed weather app featuring over 60

Racing Elements is a unique, new weather app that combines weather information with daily, artful images of Grand Prix racing's speed, emotion and memorable personalities.

Showcasing more than 60 years of stunning racing imagery by iconi

Athos Photography

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