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AppBox Pro: A Swiss Army Knife for Your Digital Life

The World's Most Popular and Attractive, Efficient, Useful Tool Kit on your iPhone/iPod Touch!
Get professional tools in One app at only half the price.

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AllTheCelebs Pro: (Celebs like Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Natalie

Detailed information about all the Celebrities you like. Pictures, videos and fresh gossips.

AllTheCars Pro: Cars of the World

Pictures, videos, description and related info about Cars.

Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver

Improve battery life by running full cycle charges & following the tips in the app

▶ Full cycle charge history tracking
▶ Most accurate with 1% increments
▶ Battery life display for different uses
▶ Library of battery tips

Fuzzball Pro: A multiplayer Billiards / Soccer strategy game against o

Pro Features: * Customize your Fuzzballs with different textures * Get priority level choice * Special icon in web tab Fuzzball is a multiplayer game that combines billiards and soccer elements into an intense mind-wrenching experience. The instan

Heads Up Navigator Pro: 3D Augmented Reality Navigation

This is Heads-Up Navigator Pro, featuring a unique 3D / Augmented Reality navigation experience without advertisements. A free, advertising-supported version of this application is also available.

Want to really show off your iPhone 3GS?

Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor in Your Pocket

The best way to learn chemistry on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Introducing Chem Pro, the chemistry tutor in your pocket and the only resource you will need to excel in AP Chemistry or General Chemistry. Chem Pro features an exclusive lesson

iFood Pro: Calorie Counter

iFood Pro: Your diet... on your iPhone!
 iFood Pro is the easiest App to use for the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, than has ever been made to make you stay in shape by eating healthy. Do you want to reach your target weight without too much effort with st

STOCK TRADING IDEAS PRO: Technical Analysis for Stocks & Stock Market

Stock Trading Ideas delivers hand-picked trading ideas based on technical indicators, support/resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, divergences and chart patterns.

We scan the entire market for stock reversal and continuation patterns and shar

21 Pro: Blackjack - Sponsored

Don't download this app! There's a new, better and universal one! On iPhone scroll down to the "Developer Info", click that and look for "Blackjack 21 Pro" Or copy and paste this link::

21 Pro: Blackjack

Don't download this app! There's a new, better and universal one! On iPhone scroll down to the "Developer Info", click that and look for "Blackjack 21 Pro" Or copy and paste this link::

iTD Pro: iTurretDefense

iTurretDefense is an action strategy tower defense game where you must build turrets to stop the oncoming waves of enemies. ** Now a universal app supporting the iPad in high resolution! ** Choose from over 20 turrets with a wide range of abilities to b

Playlist-Creator PRO: The Ultimate Running, Driving, Workout, Dance, P

◊◊ Top App in too many countries to list!
◊◊ Over 1 million downloads worldwide!
◊◊ The perfect app for building the ultimate playlists!

Compile all your favorite songs into a playlist with only a few taps. Playlist-Creator turns yo

Employee Tracker Pro: Document and Report Employee Behavior

Employee Tracker Pro allows employers to keep track of employee infractions as well as accolades. Complete with quick-start tutorial and overview videos!

If you EVER need help, email support is SUPER FAST!

"I recommend this pro

SuperBoss 3 Pro: Jump Knife Attack Warrior from the Year 2050

It is the year 2050. After two invasions by Robots, The United Earth Senate Guys have voted to ban all guns for all military use to try and show the Robots that human beings are not violent. Immediately the Robots started a new invasion of Earth. F


SLOPE-TEC™ is an innovative SOLUTION that provides precise YARDAGE compensation for UPHILL & DOWNHILL shots.


➢Select yards or meters.
➢Capture the slope of the sho