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AudioEbook Aunque usted no lo Crea

En este fantástico AudioEbook podrás leer y escuchar hechos que nunca hubieras imaginado que fueran realidad. Quedarás tan asombrado que no podrás dejar de leer y escuchar lo que aquí te contamos.

ASK ME Yes or NO

Ask a yes no question and shake me DISCLAIMER: This app is for entertainment purposes ONLY

No Punch Line

Ladies and Gentlemen...ANTIJOKES. HUNDREDS OF THEM. ★The funniest collection of anti-jokes! ★Funnier than real jokes! ★Humor for the clever ones! ★Hundreds of antijokes! ★IT’S FREE!!! No Punch Line is the ultimate collection of the world's greatest and

Answers - Yes or No

This is as strait forward as it sounds. Just like Answers free this gives you a random yes or no answer. Check out some other cool apps: Lets Paint. Answers (free) Any questions or comments, E-mail me at Thanks so muc

Birthday Reminders - No Never Miss Birthday Wishes

Did you ever always forgot your families or friends' birthday?Just take easy, birthday reminder is the app that will help you out. You can easily to add a contract or sync your friends birthday from Contact book or Facebook. All of things we have done, ju

How to Buy a Car with No Credit or Bad Credit

Are you Having Problems With Trying To Buy A Car With Little Or No Credit? Look No Further This Book Explains Just How Easy It Is To Owning That Car You've Always Dreamed Of Having!

There Are Plenty Of People Out There Just Like You Who

No Cost Loans

No Cost Home Loan provided by Result Financial Crop provide the best rates & best services to all the borrowers in CA. ~Free Daily Mortgage Rates ~Free Mortgage Calculator ~Free Amortization Table ~Apply a Loan with your iPhone. When pe


"Tetris without shapes" ::: Guide triplets of colored blocks as they fall from above. Stack them in columns. Connect three or more of the same color to destroy blocks. If a tower is too tall it will topple! Fine tuned for short addictive gameplay. iso d

Sousei no Aquarion capture counter

"Sousei no Aquarion capture counter" installed the set guess function and capture information, and is a counter for a set distinction only for "Sousei no Aquarion". ========= #Commodity introduction The probability at each setting can be in real time c

The Clock That Had No Hands

Advertising is to business, what hands are to a clock. It is a direct and certain means of letting the public know what you are doing. In these days of intense and vigilant commercial contest, a dealer who does not advertise is like a clock that has no ha

submarine math lite

This is lite version IT's free so - no practise option x, ÷, and guess number - Only Easy Level - Limit play only 5 level - Have ads on it ********************** All in on Math Game + - x and ÷ you can choose a lot of option for kid to practice ( Dictionary & Thesaurus Premium
iPone Premium includes Example Sentences and is completely ad-free!

Top-rated app with trusted reference content from & WORKS OFFLINE - no Internet connection needed when searching words.

Sports Wordfind

Sports Wordfind is a special app developed for kids who want to improve their word skills. Kids will respond to playful sport images while they learn how to spell and pronounce them. Each time you start a game a unique puzzle is generated from words pr

Sophie's Discoveries

If you are looking for the first iPhone app for your child, look no further than Sophie's Discoveries! Tap the squares to reveal the picture cards and hear the associated high-definition sound effects. Colorful graphics and high-resolution sound effects


Program to practice mental arithmetic for kids over 5. The game is set in a snowy town where you have to solve a series of arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) that you will hear or see written on the screen. For this

No Traffic Tickets (How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket!)

How To Get out of a Traffic Ticket! From the creators of "TRUE GHOST STORIES from Around the World" for the iPhone... Version 3.25 is now here! With more info and "EXCUSES" quiz that helps you get the hang of which excuses work and which excuses don'