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aTapDialer Quick Speed Dial to Nana

Awesomely simple application to make a call at the touch of one button. No more hunting through the address book to find the number you need the most, put it right on the main screen. The phone number is set through the Settings dialog for your iPhone

Appel à ma nana

!! Attention : incompatible avec l'iOS4 mise à jour prochainement !! Avec l'application "Ma Nana" le raccourci pour appeler votre chère et tendre est design et surtout très rapide ! Lancez l'application la première fois pour configurer le numéro de t

Truc de Nana

« Truc de nana », enfin disponible sur iPhone ! Le célèbre webzine féminin interactif, fun et glamour sera désormais toujours avec vous. Une vraie « copine de poche » qui livre ses meilleures astuces beauté et minceur, ses conseils relooking et shopping,

Fun with Nana

Nana – the name once used to describe an older woman with gray hair. That is no longer the case. Today, a Nana can be anywhere in age from her 30’s to her 90’s. She can be a blonde, brunette or redhead as well as having gray hair. The modern Nana not only

Nana Live

・iOS6に対応中です 声優、歌手である水樹奈々さんのライブツアー、イベントでの物販アイテムを管理するためのアプリケーションです。 ・種類豊富な水樹奈々さんの物販アイテムを管理できます ・リストを追加することで、友達の物販アイテムも管理できます ・物販アイテムの合計金額を簡単に計算できます ・リストに追加された全員の合計金額を簡単に計算できます 【お知らせ】 ・ ver1.2、1.3にアップデートして起動しなくなった方へ。この現象が起こった場合、お手数ですが一度Nana Liveを削除

Nana film weekly

NANA, the most widely read film weekly in Malayalam commenced publication in 1972. It has played a vital role not only in popularising the best in the film world but also in spotting new talent and bringing it to the attention of connoisseurs of exce

Nana Film

Kerala's No.1 film weekly Nana, is the most widely read weekly in Malayalam. It commenced publication in 1972 and has played a vital role not only in popularizing the best in the film world but also in spotting new talents and bringing them to th

Gran Rush : Nana Vs. The Mafia

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Free karaoke! Sing, mix and share your voice on nana, a recording and

Ever wanted to be a recording artist?
Dreamed of playing in a band?

Meet musicians and singers just like you, and start making music on nana!


++Recording in 3 steps

You can record, mix and share

¡A la cama! Niños y Niñas: Nana infantil interactiva para antes de dor

* Seleccionada por Apple en 'Rewind 2011' como una de los 5 mejores apps de libros en 2011
* Top 1 en el App Store de España y Argentina en la sección de Libros
* Top 5 en México, Colombia, Panamá, Macedonia, etc.