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Baby Music Box

This music box can help you calm your baby and put him or her to sleep. It also can amuse the child when it’s awake, as babies really enjoy listening to music The music box is voice activated and the sensibility is adjustable.

FIT Radio Workout Music

FIT Radio: The only fitness app that provides you with non-stop, high energy workout music to motivate your workout. Just press play and go!


FIT Radio is a web and mobile application that streams DJ-engi

Credit Music

Direct insight into your MTV Mobile credit details for at least the following personal subscriptions: * MTV 2011 Bel Pack 800min (invoices, SMS, credits) * MTV 27,50 Pack Dubbel Sms €3,50 c (invoices, SMS, no credits) * MTV * Pack Dubbel Sms * c (invoice

ACL Music

ACL 2010 Music News, with after parties and events from the Austin Chronicle. 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival news, schedule, social media tools, after parties and events, satellite view map of the festival and surrounding city. Everything you nee

Academy of Country Music (ACM) Trivia

Test your knowledge of Country Music trivia! Follow your progress as bar on the neck of the guitar turns green. Avoid getting 3 strikes (depicted as red guitar picks) for incorrect answers. Listen carefully to the clues, they will help you get to the

Countdown Music Clock for Christmas, Silvester, 2012

An Elegant Live Countdown Timer To Christmas 2010,Silvester and also 2012! Watch it in Real-Time. Animated Countdown is the first Countdown Timer in the world with musical fountain effect and stunning animations for your iPhone or iTouch. So what are y

ABC Music

We have great things coming for you this year, so don't forget to join our network.

-Use ABC Music in English, Spanish, or in Dual Language Mode (English and Spanish simultaneously)

Expose your child to a world of Music! Ou

Concrete Jungle: Shmoop Music Guide

Just how deep *is* your love for Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley and The Wailers? Do you ever wonder what makes your favorite lyric so deep or that beat so irresistible? This Shmoop guide is packed full of expert analysis that helps you find even more meani

CLZ Music HD - CD Database

CLZ Music HD ============================================================== IMPORTANT: CLZ Music HD is NOT a stand-alone app! This is an add-on for Music Collector for PC or Mac. (available for $29.95 here: ) You need M

CLZ Music - Music Collection Database

** Catalog your music collection on your iPad or iPhone **

Auto-download full song lists and cover art. Just enter artist & title or scan CD barcodes with your device camera.

* Automatically add albums to your database

Bloomington Lotus World Music and Arts Festival 2012

The BTownLotus App, for the 2012 festival, taking place in Bloomington, Indiana September 20th through 23rd, contains information and resources to help attendees make the most of their Lotus World Music & Arts Festival experience. The BTownLotus Rendezv

iWorkout Lite - Music At Your Pace

iWorkout takes your music and puts you in control. Designed specifically with group workout classes and interval training in mind, iWorkout allows you to create playlists (workouts) using your iPhone/iPod library and individually configure the tempo of e

music match

A great new fun way to learn music notation. Take some flash cards, mix up the questions & answers then hide them, then try to match them as quickly as you can - thats music match! As you try to match the tiles you're up against the clock. Le

click.clock HD with music playback controls

★★★ DESIGNER CLOCK FEATURED BY TUAW - SALE UNTIL MAJOR UPDATE – FOR A LIMITED TIME ★★★ Convert your iPad in a real designer clock and impress your friends and colleagues. No matter whether on the desk, in the living room or on the bedside table - it looks

Christmas Carol Music and Lyrics Free

Lyrics and music for the 22 most popular Christmas Carols for free! (This is an ad supported version of Christmas Carol Lyrics)

Festive animations play while you sing along with your Christmas favorites! Watch Santa's sleigh fly by the

Christmas Carol Music and Lyrics

Lyrics and music for the 22 most popular Christmas Carols!

Festive animations play while you sing along with your Christmas favorites! Watch Santa's sleigh fly by the moon, or watch an endless hallway of Angel's trumpeting along wit