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Dice Manager

All your RPG dice, organized, in your pocket. Dice Manager features a clean and beautiful user interface that lets you freely select any combination of standard RPG dice (4 sided, 6 sided, 8 sided, 10 sided, 12 sided and 20 sided), roll them - including b

Asset Manager

Do you want a simple check register system for your house hold items? Want to set reminder for your work in your busy schedule? Do you want to record a long list of things before shopping? Do you need to maintain a recipe list? Try the simple and handy ho

Ticket Manager

Do you get ticket restaurant from your company? This app helps you to manage them. It includes a calculator that tells you how many tickets and how much cash you need to pay a certain bill. You can also track used tickets. Main Features: -ticket calculat

SR4 Character Manager for iPad

If you play Shadowrun and have an iPad, this is a must have app. If you know people who play Shadowrun and do not have an iPad, they will consider buying one after seeing this app. I made this for my own personal use and have made everyone at the g

SR4 Character Manager

The Character Manager app helps you manage many SR4 characters. This tool was designed for GMs to help them keep track of the many NPCs they have to run. There is a complete character sheet that can be filled in for every character. Players may also fi

App Manager

Manager your App purchase list. There are so many fabulous Apps in the App store. But you cannot afford the all. You are almost out of money within a few days after bought a gift card. You might forget which one did you pay and which one free was. Le

App Idea Manager

iOS devs - have lots of app ideas? App Idea Manager allows you to quickly capture your app ideas. Quit writing your app ideas on scraps of paper that get scattered or lost. Quit rewriting lists because you change your mind or your priorities. App Idea

App Development Manager

AppDevMgr is a tool for iOS developers to manage the development process for their applications. Devs can record and track information including: - Checklists - Schedules - Development Considerations - Design Considerations - Frameworks Used - App Statu

App Conductor HD - Remote Application Manager

Use your iPad along side your computer as a dedicated window manager, similar to OS X Mission Control or Exposé! - works with Windows or Mac!

Turn your iPad into an application control center and window manager for your Mac or PC. App Conduc

AMX Manager

AmeriMex Sales Manager App View Current Sales View Server Online Status'

Army Manager

Army Manager "Sir, yes sir!" That is what you'll hear from your army's soldiers once you bring them to the base they belong, safely. The goal in this fun and addictive game app is simply to bring the soldiers to the base they belong depending on their he

Coin Manager

Coin Manager provides the user an essential tool to perform transactions in cash with different currencies quickly and easily. Coin Manager allows you to see and interact with currency of up to 20 countries and virtually store your actual cash in your iP

Basketball Manager

Everything that you need to keep track of a game, it’s all in Basketball Manager.
Record all that happens on the basketball court with the coach board, score chart, and player profile apps that Basketball Manager offers!
You can easily record

Air Traffic Manager (A.T.M)

Test of improving your geographical knowledge while managing air traffic all over the world. Guide the planes to their destinations in a busy network of airplanes all over the world. See if you can guide these airplanes to their destinations safely. Th

Air Drive - Your File Manager

Turn your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad into a wireless disk. Share your files and photos over network, no USB cable or extra software required. ✪✪✪Upgrade to Air Drive Plus + No Ads + Real-time control the access from web browser to safe your privacy. +

Advanced Task Manager

-Show current running process list
-Display free memory