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weight+bmi watcher light

Comprehensive documentation of your body weight-, BMI- and body fat, with checks and analysis relative to your ideal values. With "Weight+Bmi Watcher, dieting or putting on weight is a cinch! Features: - saves and analyzes your weight -, BMI -and body fa

Ganesh Night Light

Just tap the screen to turn on and turn off the NightLight. When the timer turned off, the sleep mode of the iphone is turned On and the App will turned off automatically.

Galaxy Light

Do you want a super cool flashlight? How about using galaxies as flashlight? The new Star Trek movie is coming, get your galaxy flashlight today! Galaxy Light also provides normal flashlight theme, you can choose any color you want! Features: - Beautifu

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker is a handy hunting flashlight that provides screen lights of various colors for specific uses in the field to give hunters improved visibility in variable light conditions PLUS the addition of a "blood tracking&#

Honesty in the light of Islam

Islam orders the Muslim to be honest to him-self and others. This order repeatedly comes in the Noble Qur'an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Islam orders the Muslim to tell the truth even if it is against the teller's interest. Orders him not

Clock/Radio Light Alarm (iPod, radio, classic ring tones)

NEWS: Wake up to a song from your iPod! New with Firmware 3.0; you can now choose the song that will wake you up! ------- What if the iPhone was also... a clock and an alarm? You could put it in a corner and it would give you all the information a cloc

Holographium — The 3D Light Painting Machine

Meet Holographium, the next-generation light painting machine with a twist! Holographium slices text or images into thousands of luminous 3D cross section scans, and projects them over time on a long exposure photograph. The result is mind-blowing: Your

yah-Write, Learn To Write HD Light

The fastest way to learn to write, add your own words Educational, fun, add your words. Trace the words you add, to learn to write. With different pen thickness, three colored pens, and your words, there is no need for paper. * Light version info * ✔ 3

HID Light

High Intensity Discharge Flash Light for when you are caught in the dark. Flash light uses accelerometer to simulate a gas like affect found in HID head lights. Creates a bright pleasing image on your phone which can be used in dark areas. Other Applicat

Helvetica Light - Flashlight "for iPhone 4 only"

Do you love Helvetica? Do you need an led flashlight anywhere you take your iPhone 4? Well then we have the app for you... This does everything you expect an iPhone 4 flashlight app to do, but with all the style and grace of helvetica. (please note th

Candle Light

[PRICED LESS THAN A TEA CANDLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!] Using scientifically based equations, this application will simulate light given off from a romantic candle! What makes Candle Light so unique is that it actually simulates candle light, not just an im

Handy Light PRO™

All of the AMAZING features of the original...and then some.

Hajj and Umrah light of Quran and Sunnah

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Prayer is Islams cure for heedlessness and its cure for excessive worldly desires is to spend in Allah cause. Fasting controls physical desires and requirements and Hajj-the Pilgrimage, is the comprehens

iWallpaper Maker : Custom Wallpaper theme ( for home screen, lock scre

Optimized for iOS 7. Enjoy the new wallpaper.
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iStrobe - Flash & Strobe Light for iPhone 4

#1 iPhone Utility in the App Store Sep 7, 2010
iStrobe is the first and best strobe light app on the App Store using the iPhone 4 camera flash. Fully adjustable strobe speed and flashlight mode. Extremely bright, iStrobe is a must have for any

The Golden Casket and the Spectres of Light (Book 2)

The Chronicles of Valonia The second of four titles by Katie Paterson, which leads you to join Rachel and Gareth as they discover that they are no ordinary twins, but have a strange heritage that takes them into an ancient world of sorcery and mysticism.