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Spot The Difference HD by KLAP

Spot the Difference HD

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This application is designed to teach your child to spot small differences in a larger picture with the aid of engaging pictures. There a

Find the Shapes HD by KLAP - Learn various shapes like triangle, squar

Find the Shapes HD

Find the Shapes is an easy way to teach the basic shapes to kids. This game comes with colorful pictures and studio recorded narratives to guide the kids in learning the shapes.

Playing with shapes is a lot of fu

Juke Box HD by KLAP - Learn to Dance, Play with music instruments, Kar

Juke Box HD

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Juke Box for kids is an awesome collection of dance, sing and play while you learn. Kids can dance to popular rhymes, sing along with popular rhymes

Balloon Blaster HD By KLAP

Balloon Blaster

Does your child like to go for birthday parties? In this party he can go crazy; he can roll and blast as many balloons as he can.

The balloon blaster can teach your kid eye and hand co-ordination by bursting as man

Color Me HD by KLAP - Let you kids learn coloring, painting pictures,

Color Me HD

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Color Me is an amazing coloring application teaching your child to use his wildest imagination to come out on the screen.

The predesigned p

Alphabet Is Cool HD by KLAP

Alphabet is Cool

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This is a cool and easy way to teach your child the entire set of alphabets with amusing graphics.

Your child can easily navigate thro

Learn With Kit HD by KLAP - Familiarize your kids with various kinds o

Learn with Kit is a great way to introduce your child to learn about everyday objects and people with Kit.

This application gives your child a classroom environment with a very friendly teacher. Smiling Kit is happy to teach the kids about d

Find It HD by KLAP - Awesome game to identify animals, fruits, vehicle

Find It HD

Find It HD is an awesome game for kids. Kids have to choose an object from the list of objects shown in the slider bar and identify it in the jumbled objects.

This is designed to improve the observation skills of the you

Count Them HD by KLAP - Learning to count is lot of fun now. Easy on k

Count them HD

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Count Them is a really nice educational application to teach numbers by counting the animals displayed on the screen.

The studio recorded

Alphabets HD by KLAP - Best way to learn alphabets for kids. Learning


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This application is designed with complete set of alphabets ranging from A-Z. Your toddler will get an unique experience and quickly jumpstart to l

Picture Puzzle HD by KLAP - Learning how to form a correct picture is

Picture Puzzle HD is an awesome puzzle game for kids.

Play with jumbled images to form the correct object. It is a very interesting game for kids to learn various animals. The game comes with jigsawed images of animals. Match the correct pa