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AR Japanese Mountain 1000

"What is the name of that mountain?" Do not you think so? In places like the scenic lookout. Someone you have never been asked to point to the distant mountains? At that time, "Well sure" Do not you giving up? At that time, if you can find the name of t

Arrow Keys Mail Japanese Keyboard

You can type Mail easier with our original extended keys!

Arrow Keys works for your input !
*But this Arrow Keys appear only this app.
Want to try this keyboard first? - check out "Arrow

book2 Japanese Japanisch Japonés Japonais

+++ Attention: Please download instead of this app the new "book2 learn 40 languages". You can select between 40 languages, the price of the courses is the same. Thank you! +++ Easy language learning – day and night. In cooperation with, Goethe

BidBox Vocabulary Trainer: English - Japanese

Learn the most common 1,000 words in Japanese. Being able to utilize two languages sharpens your mental skills and has positive benefits on your everyday life. Whether you're a novice or an expert you'll enjoy playing the BidBox Vocabulary Training game

Baby Love Music -- Japanese children's songs

Kingdom of children's music is mainly divided into: Popular recommend push child star, Mummy recommend more than one child star album, European and American songs, Chinese songs, prenatal care, music, cartoon theme song, wisdom tree songs, Japanese childr

Akai Hana: Japanese Restaurant, Columbus, OH

The Akai Hana App provides quick and easy access to the menu, special offers, events, and location information for Akai Hana in Columbus, OH Features: Tell-a-friend: Easily send the App link to any of your contacts Location/Contact Information: Easily

cardGRIND - Japanese Writing

Learn the Japanese writing system of hiragana and katakana, including the dakuten, handakuten and youon modified forms, using cardGRIND! The cardGRIND flashcard learning system is the premier iPhone OS education app, built for optimal learning in an effo

The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen by Eric Gower

Get inspired FIRST. NOW cook! In Vook form, "The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen" mixes innovative and inspiring text with incredible video. Download and experience a revolutionary new way to follow the recipes of master chef, Eric Gower. Eric has developed

Learn Japanese - Vocabulary (Hello-Hello) "for iPhone"

Super cool iPhone & iPod touch app for learning Japanese. Hello-Hello’s Basic Japanese app is a great way to build your vocabulary. The app has the following features: • More than 1,000 words and phrases • 3 different modules for learning the words •

Learn Japanese - Vocabulary (Hello-Hello)

Hello-Hello’s Basic Japanese app is a great way to build your vocabulary. The app has the following features: - More than 1,000 words and phrases - 3 different modules for learning the words - Practice Reading Skills - Practice Speaking Skills - Practice

Easy Japanese Recipes: A Charity App for Japan

Easy Japanese Recipes is a collection of hundreds of simple and delicious Japanese and Japanese-inspired recipes. Categories: meat, seafood and fish, noodles, vegetables, eggs, rice, salad, soup. Recipes are illustrated and renewed regularly from famous

Pyramid Solitaire - Japanese Beauty Yumi -

Pyramid Solitaire - Japanese Beauty Yumi - This is a game of fortune-telling solitaire with pictures of Yumi Sugimoto on the cards. Yumi Sugimoto is a Japanese actress who has starred in the movie and TV show "Engine Sentai Go-onger" as Miu Suto/Go-On-S

Japanese Soroban Jr.

Note: This is a utility, not an educational tool. It is intended for people who know how to use an abacus. No instructions are pictured or offered(and none are suggested in the description) but there is a link on my website for instructions on how to us

Japanese Soroban

Take advantage of the educational discount for 50% off. 'Like' Pete's Games on Facebook for the latest on my games(and occasional codes). A classic 13 row Japanese Soroban with a practice board(digital display).

Countries Of The World Ver 2.0, Japanese

Learn about all the countries of the world in an easy to use interface. This App includes 196 countries conveniently sorted in alphabetical order. The screen has 3 sections. The top most section shows the title, as well as a search bar. The middle sec

Counting in Japanese ものの数え方

This application is designed to introduce how to count in Japanese, and it is a good way to learn Japanese ★You can also save the info/picture from Internet as the avatar of the Item, or save it to iPhone Camera Roll. ************************************