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Anime Japan Slide Show01

There are many fine pictures of Japanese Anime girls. You can see these pictures with slide show. You also can hide the toolbar so you can set your wallpaper of your iPhone/iPodTouch. Touch Start button you can see slide show. You can change the speed o

Architecture Wallpaper of JAPAN

Wallpaper & Photo Gallery of beautiful Architectures in Japan. There are a lot of standard photographs such as a famous city, the building, sightseeing spots, and Shinto shrines in Japan. It is the best for the person who likes "KANJI" because there is

Anime Pulse - Anime and Japan related News and Reviews

We've got our fingers on the pulse of anime and manga, with reviews, rants, and stories and news straight from Japan. With hosts in both the US and Japan, we provide perspective from both sides of the Pacific. Get instant access to episodes throu

iSpot Japan

**** Introductory pack includes 30 free images, upgradeable to 200! **** ¡Discover Japan in this very unique “Spot the Difference” game that also works as a travel guide! iSpot Japan takes you on a journey across the land of the rising sun, explaining f

Directions helper for Japan

This application integrates with the map application on iPhone/iPad, can help you to find the directions information in Japan directly and quickly.

It is necessary to turn on the GPS service if you want to find the nearest stations around yo

Basic Data of Municipalities in Japan

This is an application that help you to search and understand very county of Japan. Features: 1, Contains the latest information of each county in Japan. These basic data include county code, telephone number and main zip codes. 2, Integrated with Goo

Easy Japanese Recipes: A Charity App for Japan

Easy Japanese Recipes is a collection of hundreds of simple and delicious Japanese and Japanese-inspired recipes. Categories: meat, seafood and fish, noodles, vegetables, eggs, rice, salad, soup. Recipes are illustrated and renewed regularly from famous

iQTest Japan

iQTest Japan para iPhone es una aplicación que te ayuda a calcular tu coeficience intelectual, mediante una serie de divertidos tests. Presume ante tus amig@s, compañer@s de trabajo, cuñad@s, etc. de ser el más inteligente. Compara tus resultados con ell

Food Composition in Japan & Recipe manager

Japanese foods are known as the most health foods on the world, if you hold interesting in Japanese food or want to find the food composition of them, this application is the right one. This is application that help you to find the composition for almos

Golden Pavilion Temple - Japan

The Best Travel Maps for your iPhone!

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Golden Pavilion Temple – Ja

Gogo Navigator - JAPAN

Gogo Navigator Japan is turn-by-turn 3D navigation software for iPhone and iPod touch users in Japan. Gogo Navigator is your personal travel assistant ready to guide you to your destination. This amazing navigation application has been designed and o

A1 Radios of Japan

Now you can tune radio stations (that broadcast to Internet) on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Features: - Dynamic radio station list. The app will query our server to check the news radios. - List by radio type: popular, muslin, fado, sport, etc. - Hist

Hot Spot Japan

Find a free WiFi Hotspot location with bing maps anywhere in Japan.
- bing maps
- showing WiFi Hotspot locations
- display a Map in different styles (Road, Aerial, Hybrid)
- sharing map location and information
- dai

Japan Flight Information - iPlane

Real-time Japan Airports flight arrival and departure information. Flight arrival and departure time, flight status and destination are synchronized with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. As part of the iPlane database, this covers 6 airports in Japan.

Penalty for illegal driving in Japan

This application help you to reference the penalties of illegal driving in Japan Language: Japanese

Japan Tides

Use Japan Tides App to find daily tide predictions for 309 locations around Japan in 2013. No connection is needed as the app has its own database. Japan Tides App automatically looks up the nearest locations and get the tide table for you.