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StockCharts (Origin: Global Indices)

Global Indices (or Stockcharts) is a finance application that allow people can monitor world-wide quotes or any exchange rate.

- Nikkei225
- S&P500
- Shanghai
- Hang seng
- Hang Seng

Stock Indices

Ever wanted to know what stocks make up a major index in the U.S.? Now you can with this simple app. Current version shows stock quotes, news, basic chart from the following index:
Dow Jones Composite Average
Dow Jones Industrial Average


This app teaches you the rules of INDICES (or 'POWERS') It is aimed at students preparing for GCSE Mathematics. The app consists of three videos: A lesson, some questions and an explanation of the answers. Lesson video length: 13.54 Questions video len

NCREIF Farmland and Timberland Indices

The NCREIF Farmland and Timberland Indices provide quarterly and annual total returns for large pools of institutional-grade agricultural and timber forest properties. All these properties have been acquired and managed on behalf of tax-exempt instit

E2 Calc - An Anesthesia Calculator for Body Habitus and Cardiovascular

E2 Calc is an easy to use clinical calculator designed by practicing anesthesia providers. The calculator provides built in reference ranges and aids in calculating:

* Body Habitus (Body Surface Area, Body Mass Index, Actual Body Weight, Id

Stock Report: Historical Performance of Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and

This app is different from all other financial apps in the App Store. Its focus is on *historical* performance of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, market indices, and ADRs. It provides a unique monthly report with insightful charts and analytical measures

NCREIF Timberland Fund & Separate Account Indices

The NCREIF Timberland Fund and Separate Account Indices provide quarterly and annual total returns for timber properties invested in two forms: Commingled Funds and client Separate Accounts. At least 90% of a fund's net asset value must be compri

EZTrader - Binary Options Trading & Investing Strategies | Calls or Pu

Binary options trading on EZTrader can provide up to 95% return in just one trade, when your option expires "in the money". EZTrader is here to help you execute a successful strategy on how to invest in Binary Options. We are perfect for fina