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AutoPet Translator Deluxe

Hear out what your pet has to say! Acting as real “language translator” for pets, AutoPet Translator records your favorite pet’s voice and will automatically translate for you what your pet might be thinking at that moment! •Dozen of recognized emotions

Auto-Ecole Deluxe HD

**** Prix promo 0,79€ au lieu de 4,99€ **** --- Nouvelle version HD 2012 conçue par des formateurs professionnels --- La formation la plus complète pour réussir son permis de conduire ! Que vous prépariez l’examen du Code de la route, de la conduite,

Alcootest Deluxe

"Simple, easy, useful and funny." [Tania Garcia] "I always wanted to know how much I can drink!" [Florent B] Worried about alcotests or breathanalizers when starting your car? Alcootest Deluxe turns your iPhone into your personal drinking assistant. Trac

Altimeter Deluxe

Altimeter Deluxe shows the elevation by using the built-in GPS.
This application uses high quality graphics design.
Now you can check your altitude whenever you like.

- displays the height in meters or feet
- displa

Alicia Darkstone: The Mysterious Abduction Deluxe

"Alicia Darkstone: The Mysterious Abduction!" is a classic hidden object game set in a grim, Gothic world. You take on the role of a highly intelligent, beautiful noble woman with a passion for cracking the most cunning of riddles. Enjoy beautiful, hand-

Art Envi Deluxe

An endless art museum in your pocket! Art Envi Deluxe turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a Web-based art gallery, with collections from the world's greatest artists. It gives you easy, full-screen access to thousands of the world's masterpieces, indexed

Arabic Email Keyboard Deluxe

************************************** SALE!: $0.99 for the next 48h, after that it will go to the original price. ************************************** Finally the deluxe version of our Arabic Keyboard. We are the same developer of the primitive Arabic

AstroMatcher Deluxe

Come view this app at: Did you ever wonder if you have met your perfect match? Ever wonder if that person you just met is your soul mate? Use this app to find out! Astrology has been around for centuries and

Architect Envi Deluxe

History's greatest architects, in your pocket! Architect Envi Deluxe brings Web-based photos of the works from the world's most renown architects to your iPhone, along with in-depth information on the architects and their designs. It's a great way to get

Backgammon Deluxe

Backgammon Deluxe is an excellent version of one of the oldest two player dice board games. Players win by removing all of their pieces from the board. Although luck is involved and factors into the outcome, strategy plays a more important role in the lon

3 Man Deluxe

Ever go to a party or a get together and it's just not that fun. !!!!!NEVER AGAIN!!!!! With this application you can create you're own game. It's a dice game that you don't need dice to play. Let the application address all the tracking activities th

Anime Wallpaper Deluxe

Customize your Iphone with your favorite anime wallpapers. This app includes many wallpapers of many anime and tools to edit them and make them look the way you want. Its really easy to use and you will be able to customize your iphone in seconds. You w

Dots Deluxe

Dots Deluxe contains an intergalactic version and a Christmas version of the classic children's game. You can play against the computer or against another person. Fun adventure and Christmas music is included - 6 songs in all. Tap the start and end dot

Aisu Deluxe Camera

The familiar tones of sepia/black and white are great ways to add timelessness to your photography. With “Aisu Deluxe Camera”, you can take beautiful photos in SEPIA or BLACK & WHITE on the iPhone or convert pictures on your iPod Touch. Your pictures will

iPool HD Deluxe

iPool HD Deluxe is the sequel to the popular iPool HD with an improved physics engine for an even more authentic experience and additional table options. Bring the challenge of real Pool into the palm of your hand in a classic and simple way with HD grap

BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor)

BabyPhone Deluxe is a reliable baby monitor with unlimited range that will assist you at home and while traveling. Getting started is a breeze with the new, super easy configuration wizard.** Recommended by the iPhoneMom and many others ** Developed