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All-in Fitness: 1000 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter

More than 3,500,000 people around the world are using our All-in Fitness apps! All-In Fitness encompasses the totality of bodily wellness! This app is an all-in-one fitness solution to complement the training of fitness enthusiasts at any level! -----

ALS Counter

This little helpful application allows you to keep simple statistics. You can count, for example, how many airplanes fly over, or the number of candies you eat, or cups of coffee you drink, or attractive people around, etc. The app supports up to 10 coun

Coin Jar Counter

Track penny savings with Coin Jar Counter!

Each time you add a coin to your piggy bank, coin jar, or where ever you save, record this in the app and Coin Jar Coin will keep track of how much you have saved, and give you a visual representat

Coin Counter USA

US Coin Counter provides an easy to use interface. With the Coin Counter you can store the amount of money you have saved (either in a money box or by skipping that addictive habit!)

Alternatively, you can use this application to help you wi

All Counter

All Counter is a multipurpose counter that can count any number of items from any number of inventories. Files can be imported and exported for use in spreadsheet programs such as Numbers and Excel in (.csv format).

Simplified Interface

Beat Counter

Tap the screen and you will see the average tempo. The application averages the taps over 5 taps and is great for: -Measuring the tempo of a song -Competing with your friends to see how high you can get the tempo. -Measuring your pulse There are update

Baseball Pitch Counter (ages 8 to 14)

Track the total number of pitches, strikes, balls, strike outs, walks, outs pitched, and earned runs in a game. Keep stats and track pitchers for two pitchers at at time.

Alerts coaches and parents using new 2010 Rules for the most popular

Counter Intelligence

We are very pleased to announce that the International Association of Culinary Professionals has honored us as a "2012 IACP New Media & Broadcast in the Outstanding Use of New Technology Category" for TheInformedChef series of our digital cookbooks. We ar

Contractions Counter: pregnancy contraction timer

Time and log your contractions during labor. Track each contraction and watch your labor progress with graphs and reports. Easily record how long your contractions last and how often they occur.

Perfect in the last trimester of pregnancy fo

Contraction Timer and Fetal Kick Counter

A reliable Contraction Tracker, with combined Fetal Kick and Movement Counter. Two useful products in one for your pregnancy! Congratulations on your pregnancy, we wish you all the best! This application provides several simple to use tools, all design

Contraction Counter

How do you know when your baby is coming? Is it a false alarm or is it for real? Contraction Counter enables you to keep track of your contractions and the intervals between them. It also keeps track of the average time of the last 5 contractions and th

Coffee Counter

Coffee Counter makes it fun to keep track of how much coffee you drink. Launch, swipe to pick an appropriate cup size, tap to drink it. The number of cups you have had today shows up right on the app icon. More detailed statistics are available in the app

CarbsControl - Carb Counter and Tracker

Perfect for people with diabetes and those on low-carb diets, CarbsControl App keeps your carbs under control. With 100,000 foods and details from 300 restaurants and 500 specific brands, you’ll know exactly where you stand with your carbs for the day.

Carb Counter - for Low Carb Diets

An no frills app for counting your carbs when on low carb diets.

CalorieSmart Calorie Counter Tracker

Track Calories, Carbs and other nutrition information. Make your weight loss and nutrition goals a reality. With details for 100,000 foods, 300 restaurants, and 500 specific brands, CalorieSmart helps you stay connected to nutrition values anytime, anywhe

Fast Food Calorie Counter & Restaurant Guide

Start saving calories with every meal! This restaurant guide will help you find the best menu items to go along with your diet, stay slim and enjoy the fun of eating out healthy! This app is all about making informed choices without feeling they're a bur