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Chinese Unit Converter

+convert Asian and Western units of measure! +view unit names in English AND Chinese for easy reference! +single display for ease of use Commonly used Asian units: ✓Area: ping (tsubo) = meter² = feet² ✓Length: meter = cm = feet = in ✓Volume: tsp = spoon

btcReport -  Bitcoin Exchange Tracker and Converter

BtcReport gives you the most relevant information on the bitcoin market quickly and elegantly.

Free Features
- Market data from over 30 exchanges across dozens of fiat currencies
- Integrated exchange rate calculator
- Price aler

Area Converter

Convert between more then 125 area units. Some of which include: acre acre[suburbs] acre[survey] acre [Ireland] are arpent [Canada] barn bovate bunder caballeria [Spain/Peru] caballeria [Central America] caballeria [Cuba] carreau carucate cawney centiar

Area Codes & Time Zones Converter

Area Codes & Time Zone Converter: A simple, handy, & easy to use utility that gives the state & timezone of every area code in the US & Canada. App includes: ✔ An offline 'roldex style' area code converter ✔ A US Time Zone converter ✔ Quick access to a

Arbitrary Base Converter

Convert easily and quickly not only between decimal, octal, binary and Hex, but also convert between any arbitrary base from base 2 to base 36. Compare to other converters who charge to convert between only a couple bases. The arbitrary base converter h

Arabic Unit Converter - محول-الوحدات

Arabic Converter is a simple yet powerful unit conversion app and the first of its kind for the Arabic world. Arabic Converter is a complete conversion tool with a comprehensive list of conversion categories including length, weight, volume and much more.

BFC Currency Converter

BFC Currency Converter -Bahrain BFC Bahrain specializes in fast, reliable money transfers through a variety of services including Draft, Telex and Swift transfers. Other online remittance services include EzRemit, MoneyGram and Door to Door. With an ext

Bq->Sv Converter

This application calculates doze of radiation by the amount of radioactivity. The unit of former is Becquerel and that of latter is Sievert. In order to convert these two values, we need to know transmission constant that depends on radiant source. This a

CurrencyGo: Currency Exchange Rates Converter with Multiple Sources

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*** FEATURES ***

* Currency Rates;
* Currency Charts;
* Currenc

Currency Exchange - Currency Converter

Currency Exchange is powerful and elegant Currency Converter application for your iPhone & iPod Touch. The information is updated very frequently to bring you the latest conversion values.

The application has an elegant interface with a

The Currency Converter

The Currency Converter provides updated currency conversion information for all commonly used currencies. The application currently supports over 85+ commonly used currencies updated very frequently. Apps work on iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch.

Currency Converter with History

CurrencyHIST - Keep a record of all the currency conversions you have ever made! 142 Currencies Available! CurrencyHIST has a very simple, easy to use interface for users to get their conversion rates in a jiffy. You can select from 142 currencies and th

Currency Converter - Money Exchange Rates for more than 220 currencies

◆ 220+ currencies supported !!! Much more than any other converter on the App Store

◆ The only Currency Converter supporting all the world currencies, Bitcoin included

◆ Make use of Forex exchange rates, and it works offline, too

Currency Converter FREE

This Free currency converter lets you convert currency exchange rates for 150 currencies. List of Supported Currency: AFA-Afghanistan Afghani ALL-Albanian Lek DZD-Algerian Dinar ARS-Argentine Peso AWG-Aruba Florin AUD-Australian Dollar BSD-Bahamian Do

Currencies - Currency Converter

Convert more than 160 currencies on your iPhone and iPod touch. Sleek design, easy to use. Who ever said a currency converter had to be boring and ugly? FEATURES: - Intuitive interface - Over 160 supported currencies - Customizable rates refresh delay (i

Angle Converter

Angle Converter ---------------- Converts to and from: Radians Mils Grads Degrees Minutes Seconds Points 1/16 Circles 1/10 Circles 1/8 Circles 1/6 Circles 1/4 Circles Full Circless