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iPone is a service for Gmail that is re-inventing email attachments.


* Securely copy attachments into Skydrive, Dropbox, GDrive, Egnyte or Box. Free account allows 75 files per month to be copied in cloud ac

Artwork Cloud for iPad

If you want to see your albums in a way, that you have never seen before, then this is your Application! Have you ever thinked about which is your most listened album? Or have you ever thinked about which of your album has been listened mostly in the las

The Bar Cloud

The Bar Cloud is an application designed to assist bar patrons. This app will help you save money and have the most fun. Features: • Ratings of each bar • Food and Drink specials for any given day • Description and News for each bar • List of events at t

Brightcove App Cloud Workshop

Part of the Brightcove App Cloud content application platform, the App Cloud Workshop shows you exactly how your app will look and perform on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices and brings the rapid iteration of Web development to mobile app development.

Cloud of Evil

Be HAPPY!!!:) It's not easy to be evil. You should be smart, lucky and agile to produce evil in different places around the world.In this highly addictive arcade game you should control cloud which want to eliminate animals, which are stupid enough to ge

Cyber-Rain Cloud

Control your irrigation system from your iPhone or iPod touch (internet access is required), provided you have the Cyber-Rain XCI Cloud Smart Irrigation Control System installed. THIS APP REQUIRES A USER NAME AND PASSWORD TO LOGIN. CONTACT CYBER-RAIN IF

Contacts Duster - Smart Duplicates Cleaner & Reliable Cloud Sync

Now with 70% off a full year subscription of CloudSync.
Do you have duplicate names, email addresses, or phone numbers in your iPhone or iPad contacts? Tired of the clutter? Want a simple way to view, merge and purge multiple entries? Contacts D

Cloud Types

The complete cloud chart for the iPhone! Learn to identify cloud types and what they can tell you about what the weather will be like! Learn why certain clouds form, how high in the atmosphere they are found, what they can tell you about what the wea

Cloud Health: Radiation Monitor

Cloud Health: Radiation Monitor How much radiation is in the air you breath? Find out with Cloud Health! We are all concerned about the radiation levels in the air and water after the Fukashima Nuclear Plant melt down. The EPA updates data on radiation

Cloud Atlas For In-Flight Spotters

Enjoy the clouds during your flight! Identify the clouds and get more info about them. Meteorology enthusiast, Dr. Jack Wilmour and his colleagues assembled an easily understandable, charming and nice reference material. You can share the photos of the ap

Cloud Writing - "File Manager & Text Editor for Dropbox™."

File Manager & Text Editor for Dropbox™.


Text Editor:
1. Change background and foreground color freely.
2. Supports various encoding.
3. Supports large amount of fonts.
4. Google translator integr

Cloud Status

Cloud computing has made it easy to build applications that run reliably even under a heavy load. Using the Cloud Status for iPhone applications, developers and IT managers can quickly check and know if and when the cloud, and thus their application, is h

Cloud Statistics

Amazon CloudWatch™ at your finger tips!
Cloud Statistics lets you view your current Amazon Web Services (AWS™) CloudWatch™ statistics.
See a list of monitored resources, drill down by type (instance type, specific instance id, image type or a

Cloud Services Manager Lite

Cloud Services Manager-Lite allows you to Monitor your Amazon EC2,S3,CF,SQS,SDB web services from you iPhone/ iPod Touch. ********************************** New in this version ********************************** Added AWS Status Health support Adde

Cloud Services Manager

※ Free for a limited time ※
※ Major update with iPad support is coming soon

Cloud Services Manager is a client application for Amazon Web Services for your iPhone and iPod Touch.You can manage your Amazon EC2, RDS, ELB, S3, CF, SQS, S

Cloud Painter

Cloud Painter is just a simple, easy to use paint brush app for your iphone. =============================== Many updates are coming soon: -New Brushes -Mixing Pallet -Pen tool ===========================