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nICE2MELTu™ Chat with Nearby People

nICE2MELTu is ONLY $0.99 with nothing more to buy! No in-app purchases required to enjoy all of the features of the most innovative and revolutionary location-based, anonymous chat app!

nICE2MELTu is about meeting real people in real time

Girl Town:  A Family City Game with Top Fashion, Shopping, Dating Guys

Have what it takes to be in the spotlight and the most admired in town? Go Shop and give yourself a Makeover! Date Guys of your choice and become a Supermodel!

Live up to become a young & independent, sassy & fashionable woman. Da

SameSame gay dating chat - find men nearby, rate them, get matched, an

*** A Unique Way To Meet Gay Guys ***

SameSame is an amazing way to meet interesting gay guys. You only get to know each other, if you like each other. No awkwardly hitting on somebody and being disappointed of no replies or even rejections

Persian Chat

This is realtime chat app for Persian, you can chat in Persian language, meet Persian people, there's many chatrooms that you can join and chat with people.
You just need to sign in (using Facebook/Twitter) to start meeting and chatting with

Meant To Be Dating and Chat

Meant To Be is for serious dating. When you find your soul mate, you'll know it was always Meant To Be.

Meant To Be is making waves as the new breakout dating app guaranteed to connect you with a keeper in seconds. Instantly take your pi

Omegl for Omegle - Chat with 50,000 Online People Around the World Pro


Omegl is a service that allows you to meet new friends and talk to strangers. There are usually 50,000 different people online at one time that you can chat with.

*iOS 7 Updated!
*Set custom greet

Chat Now! for Skype

Would you like to talk with some one? "Skype Now" is available!
Skype is the matching service of the user ID with Skype chat service.
It is easy to use! Tap "Skype Now" button and post button, you can post "Skype Now!"

Wanna Meet! - Date, Chat & Love

There is love at first sight, but we believe there is love at first click!

Wanna Meet! opens new opportunities to test your luck, find love, make new friends or just meet interesting people.

The application uses your location and

2048 Undo Number Puzzle Game HD Free Ruzzle Backwards Bullet Go 5x5 do

Use backwards to cancel your wrong moves.

Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

Swipe any direction to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a

Chat Now! for Kakao Talk

Would you like to talk with some one? "Chat Now for Kakao Talk!" is available!
Kakao Now! is the matching service of the user ID with Kakao Talk.
It is easy to use! Tap "Kakao Now!" button and post button, you can post "

imo free video calls and chat

Message and call your family and friends for FREE!

- Avoid SMS and phone charges - unlimited messages and calls over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection
- High-quality video and voice calls
- Group chat with friends, family, roommates