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Audio Recording Terms - A Professional Glossary

Audio Recording Terms is the leading professional level Recording Engineer Glossary for iPhone and iTouch. With a database of thousands of Gear, Technique, Mixing, Mastering, Effect and General Audio Recording Terms, it maintains the most comprehens

Autód a sorsod

Az 'Autód a Sorsod' egy olyan program, amely a rendszámod és a neved alapján a számmisztika segítségével egy rövid útmutatást ad neked a személyiségedről és a sorsodról. Mindehhez nem kell mást tenned mint, hogy beírod a rendszámodat és a teljes nevedet a for gmail email account
iPone is a service for Gmail that is re-inventing email attachments.


* Securely copy attachments into Skydrive, Dropbox, GDrive, Egnyte or Box. Free account allows 75 files per month to be copied in cloud ac

a-Mazing HD -- A 3D MAZING

Ready to GET LOST in a REALISTIC 3D labyrinth? This is a very classic 3D modeling maze game. All you need to do is tilt the device,when the ball(multiple-balls mode is on the road) catch the heart, the labyrinth decoded.

AtoB Distance Calculator Free - easy and fast air or car route measure

Number 1 in category „Navigation“ in Germany, Austria, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Honduras, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mexico, Moldavia, Paraguay, Spain, Switzerland and UK
Top 10 in more than 40 countries including the US<

a Burger, HotDog, Pizza - Tic Tac Toe - Morpion

"a Burger, HotDog, Pizza - Tic Tac Toe - Morpion" is an "Tic Tac Toe / Morpion" board game in the "Burger, HotDog, Pizza" version ! - Good "IA" ! - Easy to use ! - Great graphics ! - 1 or 2 Players ! During the game, you can listen your own music !

a Burger Breaker !

"a Burger Breaker !" is an classic "Breakout(tm)" in "Burgers" version ! - Graphics effects ! - Great animations ! - Great graphics ! - 0 Calorie ! - 3 levels to start ! During the game, you can listen your own music !

Atlantic Isles - A Day In™ Travel Guides

Another great A Day In™ pack for cruise travellers and those going to tremendous places for a short break. This one contains detailed descriptions of 20 fascinating destinations in or associated with travel to the islands of the Atlantic (including start

Austin Like A Local

A simple guide to the “Real” Austin, Texas.

This isn't a guide for living in the Texas Capital City, it's an essential app for spending a short holiday here. For the price of a Lone Star longneck you'll discover around 100 uniq

Austin Carr -  Pocketboard of a Cleveland Legend

PocketBoards allow you to play phrases, sounds, and classic one liners of popular people. Austin Carr gives color commentary for all of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Download his sound board and hear many of his classic one liners, that make listening to th

Astro Alarm clock * alarm clock with a personal current daily horoscop

Now you get directly after waking up your current daily horoscope - and can now decide whether it is YOUR day or you better would prefer to stay in bed ;-) This very simple and intuitive alarm clock puts everything previously available to the offside! Th

La boîte à jeux

La boite à jeux remet au goût du jour les jeux de plateau et permet de jouer en famille ou entre amis. Des règles sont proposées, mais vous êtes libre de jouer selon les vôtres. La boite à jeux contient, cartes, dés, pions et plateaux qui vous permettent

A Basket Ball

Play basket ball on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Features: 1. 100 levels to play and hours of play time 2. Game Center Integration 3. Leaderboard 4. Achievements

A Basket Ball HD

Play Basket Ball on your iPad and iPad2. Features: 1. 100 levels to play and hours of play time 2. Game Center Integration 3. Leaderboard 4. Achievements

a Box of Puzzle Jewel !

After the IPad, now is available on IPhone / IPod Touch ! "a Box of Puzzle Jewel !" is an jewels puzzle game ! - How to play ? Change the orientation of your IPhone, to move the Jewels ! And create a group of 2 Jewels with the same color ! - Great

Ask A Cop

Did you just get pulled over? Need some tips and suggestions for interacting with law enforcement? Then this app is for you! Ask-A-Cop App provides detailed questions and answers on what cops are looking for when you get pulled over, and how to interact