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Aircraft Weight and Balance

Professional W&B graphical calculator by pilots for pilots!
Supports multiple profiles for multiple aircraft.
Comes with a sample template accurate for a Cirrus SR22
Calculates fuel burn and takeoff and landing weights, with warnings for low fuel

Easy Weight Loss

Winner of Best Fitness App at The Best Mobile App Awards 2013!This powerful application, created by Darren Marks, one of the UKs leading and most effective hypnotherapists, has received rave reviews worldwide. It combines four state of the art audio hypno

Hypnosis - Weight Loss(M)

A free relaxation-only app is available for evaluation. You can get it from the "more from this developer" option in the market, or at: is a powerful tool; It is a way of accessing the power

Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus

The best selling WW weight loss app on Android worldwide ever !

Fast Food Nutri. & Weight Loss

BEST nutrition eating out app on Android and iPhone!Join thousands of app users on Android as well as users from other platforms (iPhone,Amazon,Windows) to SUCCESSFULLY start losing weight now!Listed as a Top Paid app in Windows 8 Store in Health & Fitnes

Body & Weight Monitor

The No.1 feature rich Weight & Body tracking app on Android today.Highest rated Health & Fitness App on Google Play in BDM's Android App Review Magazine Vol. 6.This app allows you to track & monitor your weight, height, body measurements, BMI , body fat a

Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

This is an all inclusive hypnosis session designed to create the strongest effect fast. This sessions helps you: Desire to exercise and eat healthy, eliminates cravings, creates more energy, and increases metabolism. Use this session if you are trying to

Simple Weight Recorder Pro

A simple tool to record your weight history. - Chart
- Weight goal and Total loss
- BMI calculation
- Units: in/lb or cm/kg
- Export/import .csv file
- Import data from free version
- No adsYou can open a menu by pressing the [MENU] butt

Weight Control Hypnosis (Full)

Do you have the following experience?You want to lose weight. Your weight loss goal is clear. You are determined to achieve it, and nothing is going to stop you! You stick to your plan - and the weight loss is impressive! You feel that this time, the weig

Weigh-In De Luxe - Weight

The BEST Weight Tracker !
Follow easily your change in WEIGHT !Track your WEIGHT and set your goal whether it be LOSS or GAIN.
Keep track of your BODY MEASUREMENTS, BMI, BFI !♦♦♦ This app will Help to Boost your Motivation to Lose or gain Weight ♦♦♦

Wendy's Weight Watchers Pro

Wendy's Weight Watchers Pro

Body Weight Training Plus

Visit for more great Personal Fitness & Video training apps.

WW Recipes - weight  watchers

Hundreds of meals for gourmet WW addicts. Categories: appetizers, breads, breakf

Weight Gain Guide

Discover how you can gain weight and live healthy and stronger.

Hypnosis Weight Loss NLP

Hypnosis Subliminal & Meditation Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Motivation and Self Esteem by Erick Brown will put your life on the track to confidence and happiness. If you feel like your weight loss regime has lost steam; if you've had trouble losing weight

Calorie counting & weight loss

This app contains 8 calorie-counting and weight-loss calculators including:- Calorie counter
- Weight gain calculator
- Macro-nutrient calculator
- Calories burned calculator
- Pregnancy calorie intake calculator
- Breastfeeding calorie int