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Decoy Hide Text & Call Logs

*HIDE TEXT Messages / SMS and CALL LOGSfrom the prying eyes of Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Friends.
*Use Decoy Hide Text and call logs. Get back your privacy.
*Make sure your private messages remain private. Hide messages and call logs from the worl

Hide & Seek Hoppo Hippo Free

Play Hide and seek with Hoppo the hippo ! Simple, fun, relaxing !

Hide Caller ID

"Hide Caller ID" will hide your caller id based on preferences added under settings.
No more fiddling with the general Android settings, hiding or unhiding your caller id after each call and going through all the pages to find the option to suppress y

SecretSheep - hide caller ID

Use SecretSheep to selectively block your caller ID. Simply select some groups and contacts that are not allowed to get your phone number.If you want a free trial, download SecretSheep LiteIf you are unsatisfied with SecretSheep, please let me know - I'll

Love Caller Hide

With Love Caller Hide you can hide your call and sms from a number that you chos

Hide Photos & Videos Lite

Enjoy your privacy by hiding important pictures & videos.

Hide My Text/Call Logs - Girl

*Hide text messages/SMS messages for 5 contacts *Hide call logs for 5 contacts *

Decoy Hide Text & Call logs-T

We respect your privacy!

PhotoVault - Hide Pictures


Hide Photos & Videos.

The app is NOT as straight forward as the name. This is a DISGUISED app, that lets you hide your pictures and videos.Why do I need this app?
Many a times we want to keep some photos or videos (too personal / intimate) in our phone, but we cannot becaus

Hide My Videos

Worried if someone sees some video stored on your phone? Worry no more. Video vault lets you hide your safely.
The app is a DISGUISED VAULT.How is it disguised?
The app gets installed as vManager. It's actually a TORCH showing bringht white light.

Hide Encrypt Pictures In Vault

Finally a way to securely hide your pictures and videos from prying eyes. Hide media that you do not want others to see in your secret vault. Your image and video files are encrypted and password protected. Not just another folder-with-a-dot app.-Decoy lo

Hide My Photos

Worried about others going through your picture gallery?
Not anymore.
With HIDE MY PHOTOS you become WORRY-LESS!This is a DISGUISED PHOTO VAULT.Q. What is the app all about?
A. With this app, you can safely hide such snaps. No one can see those

Gallery Hide Donate

Do you want your make one of your folders do not appear in the gallery android? Want your phone to ignore a directory when looking for multimedia files?
You can do it with this application.
Allows to select witch directories you want to hide or show

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

Keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty. Do you have pictures or videos on your phone that you don't want others to see? Hide pictures & private videos with Vaulty to keep them protected from prying eyes. Keeping pictures & videos safe, s

Hide pictures - KeepSafe Vault

Best hide pictures & video app on Android. Free premium features included.