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Plum Blossoms Live Wallpaper

Imagine sitting peacefully under a field of plum blossoms where drifting flower petals gracefully fall across your view.The 3D view will keep you mesmorized for hours.
TO USE: Home -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersNot all handsets support

Fingerprint Live Wallpaper

A fun live wallpaper that leaves fingerprints on your screen by touching it.* Supports multi-touch *
TO OPEN: Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers(your device MUST support live wallpapers to use!)

Green Vine Live Wallpaper

Watch as this green vine grows around your screen with blossoming flowers.To use, press the menu key, then "Wallpapers" then "Live Wallpapers". Select "Green Vine Wallpaper".Since devices vary, you might need to change the settings slightly. Raise the FPS

Virtual Earth Live Wallpaper

Experience this awesome wallpaper of our earth rotating in the background. Amazing graphics including a high resolution rendering of our earth, random flickering stars and smooth rotation.Limited time offer of 50% off. Get it before the price goes up!To u

Tron Legacy Live Wallpaper

Experience the thrill of racing on a Light Cycle from Tron Legacy as a live wallpaper.A must have for any Tron fan!APPS2SD is supported in this wallpaper.This wallpaper has been optimized for WVGA screens, but will work with all resolutions. If the video

Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper

Enjoy the beautiful night lights of the Eiffel Tower with this amazing live wallpaper. Watch a time lapse of clouds passing by, people walking around and cars driving by. It is truly visually stunning!Limited time offer of 50% off. Get it before the price

Fiber Optic Burst Wallpaper

A sudden burst of blue and purple fiber optic lights in your background.**Instructions**
Once downloaded, go to your home screen and select menu --> wallpaper --> live wallpaper and select "Fiber Optic Burst".If the wallpaper is not full screen, go in

Trippy Wallpaper

Fabulous patterns for your homescreen, Lots of effects. smiley faces, chicks.

Money Press Live Wallpaper

Enjoy fresh $100 bills coming fresh off the printing press. You've never seen this much money!To use, press the menu key, then "Wallpapers" then "Live Wallpapers". Select "Money Press Wallpaper".Since devices vary, you might need to change the settings sl

Puppy live wallpaper

This live wallpaper paints paw-prints all over the screen!And all around the retriever puppy.From the settings you can choose if you want single paw-prints or a trail of prints.To activate go to: Home->Menu->Wallpaper->Live WallpapersNote: your device mus

Voodoo Doll Live wallpaper

Hate someone and wish your target suffering pain? This is your wallpaper.
Just place push pins, nails or a ninja star by the touch of you're finger. The items will disappear after a while and you can start the hurting all over again.
Features Includ

Valentine bear live wallpaper

Valentine love bear, a beautiful live wallpaper.
Just place little hearts by the touch of you're finger. The hearts will disappear after a while ;)Just for fun.TO OPEN: Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
CHOOSE: Valentine LiveWallpaper

Hypno Wallpaper

Mind warping hypnotic live wallpaper to entrance you and your friends. To add t

Trippy Adventure Wallpaper

Experience this trippy adventure through mystical woods and cities. This live wallpaper will keep you mesmerized for a very long time.To use goto Menu --> Wallpaper --> Live Wallpapers and select Trippy Adventure Live Wallpaper.

Fly on Live Wallpaper Game

Smash flies, have fun, play a game on your wallpaper!

Blocks Live Wallpaper Pro

Blocks Live Wallpaper is the world’s first Android Live Wallpaper that is also a playable game! Blocks is an innovative, two-part application for Android - combining an interactive wallpaper with an actual, playable game. How does it work? Watch the mesme