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Solitaire plus

solitaire plus, is a complete game for all devices to play Solitaire, spider, freecell and forty theives. updated for all phones and devices. includes all 4 games in one game application.If you make a move you did not mean to make, use the back button to

Can't Stop Solitaire

*** FREE OF ADS ***Can't Stop Solitaires is the largest collection of 250 solitaire games in a single pack.FEATURES:• More than 250 famous solitaires such as FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Joker, etc.
• A variety of card backs and backgrounds

Solitaire HD

Play 9 versions of Solitaire with 13 beautiful HD themes! Features include:
- Controls that are incredibly easy to use
- Drag and drop to move cards on touch phones
- Undo
- Statistics
- Highscores
- Landscape and Portrait modes are supp

Poker Solitaire

Challenge and hone your poker skills with Poker Solitaire! Try to make the best possible poker hands from the randomly dealt cards. But each card is part of two poker hands, so you have to think and plan ahead to make the best hands you can to score the m

NFL Solitaire

Classic klondike solitaire game featuring themes for all 32 NFL teams!*Draw 1 and draw 3 solitaire modes with different reshuffle options
*One Click Mode: Enable one click mode and clicking on any card will execute any possible move without the need to

Alternative Solitaire

Alternative Solitaire is a 4-1 card game collection for 1 player. The game is for people who wish a change from playing regular solitaire. The four games includes are: Accordion, Aces Up, Baroness, and Betsy Ross.Accordion
The object is to compress the

Solitaire Squared

Sol2 is the classic card game of Klondike Solitaire, also known as Patience. Searching for a simple, clean Klondike Solitaire game that looks and runs great on modern devices? Solitaire Squared delivers a rich gameplay experience designed for today's smar

Solitaire-Spider (Ad-Free)

This solitaire game includes three classic games:
Klondike, Freecell, and Spider.ENJOY THE GAME
-Open and Play - don't waste your time in menus
-Three scoring systems: Free, Standart and Vegas
-Drag cards with you finger
-Undo and Redo w

Poker Solitaire

Poker Solitaire is a collection of 5 games which are a combination of poker and patience/solitaire. The objective is to place and arrange cards on a 5x5 grid so that the rows and columns form the best possible poker hand you can make. Each line with a val

Spit Speed Solitaire

Spit - Speed Solitaire addictive fast paced card game, post your score to our leaderboard. See how you rate against the rest of the world.How fast can you play? Be warned this game is seriously addictive. Spit has options that show useful information:

Holographic Solitaire

Holographic Solitaire is a new solitaire game that takes advantage of Android 3.0 Honeycomb's style and form factor, designed specifically with a tablet in mind. Currently includes Klondike, a game I call "Suits," and the ever popular, FreeCell. More game


Come and discover this gem of a Solitaire card game. Very simple and easy to play. Hours of fun for everyone. Probably the best Klondike Solitaire ever.This Solitaire has been completely custom built for Android and has a unique set of features. You can s

Wow! Solitaire

We celebrate 2012 and our price drops from $2 to $0.99 !
Wow! Solitaire is finally coming to Android with new and exciting version! Wow! Solitaire is great looking, challenging and extremely fun! Enjoy plenty of stages with different difficulty levels

Mahjongg Solitaire PRO

The FIRST Mahjongg game ever available for Android, and still the best! The classic tile solitaire game done beautifully for Android, it's a perfect diversion for tablets and phones alike. Large selection of backgrounds, and you can use pictures of your o

Solitaire Chess by ThinkFun

Can you leave just one man standing?Simple to learn, impossible to master, addictively fun - Solitaire Chess by ThinkFun is a new logic puzzle based on the rules of Chess. For chess newbies and experts alike, Solitaire Chess can be played quickly as every

zMahjong Solitaire

The Best Puzzle Game in Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. Challenge it now!