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Random Mahjong Pro

Just when you thought Mahjong had been covered, along comes a stylish new Solitaire Mahjong game ready to take centre stage. The game looks incredible on a tablet, but still manages to look and play great on a phone.

This is an ad-free version of Random

Math Workout Pro

So you wanna go pro?

This is the ad free version of the most popular math brain training app on Android. Math Workout helps enhance mental arithmetic for all ages. Practice daily, get results!

- 100% ad free
- All Workouts Unlocke

Bubble Burst Pro

Bubble Burst Pro is an addicting game of strategic thinking. Group bubbles of same color in ever bigger bundles before bursting them!Share your games with friends, using E-mail, QR Code, or SMS, and see who is best!Use shapes for colorblind people.Fixes

WordWise Pro

WordWise is a fun, turn-based 2-player crossword-style board game!

The Stupid Test Pro

If you like the free version, you will definitely like the Pro! It comes with 80 fun questions!How smart are you? Are you a complete moron? Find out for yourself by playing through impossible and addicting stages!
Have some fun with your friends by ta

Link It Pro

This is the extended version of "Link It Lite". It has more than 200 levels and no ads.Your objective in this brain twisting puzzle game is to link all the pearls through tons of levels. You must link all the pearls and then return back to the starting po

Trivia Burst Pro (Trivia Quiz)

Trivia Burst Pro has 40,000+ trivia / quiz questions in 24 categories - voted best trivia / quiz game on the Android with well over 150,000+ online trivia/ quiz players.Best trivia / quiz game on Android. ADDY award winner for best trivia / quiz game in 2

Mahjongg Solitaire PRO

The FIRST Mahjongg game ever available for Android, and still the best! The classic tile solitaire game done beautifully for Android, it's a perfect diversion for tablets and phones alike. Large selection of backgrounds, and you can use pictures of your o

Word Game Pro

** Notice: Word Game 2 now available!Make words from a pile of 7 random letters against the clock for high score. Many game play twists make this highly addictive and unique.Will appeal to Scrabble players to crossword solvers. Uses professional tournamen

Dropwords PRO

Dropwords is word-finding puzzle that combines some elements of Scrabble and Boggle. Valid words boost your score and the dwindling timer; used letters disappear and new ones drop from above.The game includes six game modes: Normal, Hard, Lightning, Block

Memory Pro

2.6 - Installs on SD card.
New patchwork theme with 256x256 pixel images.
Added new theme with Sweets, cake and ice creams
The ultimate time waster & short term memory trainer. For the young and old. See free memory of the same author if in doubt

Spira Defence Pro

** SALE: To celebrate the release of Spira 2, all my X Defence Pro games are discounted!A tower defence game with a twist. You must defend your base from enemy attack by building / upgrading defence towers. Money is awarded for kills to spend on upgrades.

(OLD) Bubble Ball Pro

Important: get the latest version of Bubble Ball Pro with Community Levels, 120 levels, and other enhancements at Ball has been downloaded over 10.6 million times!<

Pair Up Pro

This is an advanced version of the popular Pair Up game. Your goal is to clear all tiles by connecting identical pairs. The faster you play, the more points you'll get. Share your SAT score online! Try "Pair Up" for free and you'll love it!Like this game?

Guess the Code Pro

Think you're smart? Find out how smart you really are! Match wits against your Android device with Guess the Code Pro, an outstanding implementation of the classic game Mastermind.The evil computer mastermind has chosen a secret code. Your objective is to

BeWorded Pro

The pro version of the ultimate word game mashup! There are additional block styles and no ads in this version.Contains gameplay elements similar to Boggle, Scrabble and Bejeweled! Swipe over adjacent letters to form words. Form words with starred letters