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Winds of Steel

Experience World War II's most epic and legendary air battles in Asia and Pacific theaters on your Android mobile phone.From the attack on Pearl Harbor, and all the way to the bombing of Tokyo, take command of 12 famous Pacific fighters and bombers in a c

Age of Zombies

** NOTE - Samsung Galaxy Tabs 10.1 are currently not supported due to Samsung driver issues. We are currently working with Samsung to resolve this ASAP! **From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest adventu

Fortunes of War

This is the premier fantasy card game for Android, created in the spirit of other wildly popular trading card games such as Magic the Gathering, Dominion, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon!Fortunes of War is a uniquely fast-paced, easy to learn, and strategically cha

Symphony of Eternity

LIMITED PRICE! ($7.99 -> $2.99, 63% OFF)
A fantasy RPG full of monsters, legendary weapons and dramas!
Check also 'Symphony of the Origin' out, a fantasy RPG with a similar world view!** 2011/11/03 Xperia PLAY(TM) Optimized! **
A hi

Age Of Wind 2

Get ready for captivating adventures in the sea full of dangers and possibilities. Become a sailing-ship captain! Discover new islands, win nautical battles, trade exotic goods without forgetting about searching for the main treasure. Notes:
A large f

CamGun (Camera Call of Duty)

Call of Duty for your Camera? CamGun is a fun way to use the camera on your phone by wielding a gun like a first person shooter - Call of Duty style. Shoot your friends with a fully automatic M4 rifle or a SPAS12 shotgun and post it on Facebook. Also incl

Crusade Of Destiny

First ever full true scale 3D RPG for Android!
In a time of magic and dragons, become the hero you were meant to be and embark on the crusade of your destiny. Everything you expect in a solid action adventure RPG delivered in stunning 3D. Prepare To Qu

Battle of Gundabad

Battle of Gundabad is a DECK BUILDING CARD game. Every player plays with his own set of cards. At game end the player with the most victory point (VP) wins!The game consists of 27 cards with thousands of combinations and 2 game modes: Campaign and Normal

Solitaire of Words

Solitaire of Words is the perfect game for lovers of card games or word games.

Art of War 2

Real time strategy “Art of War 2: Global Confederation” is a combination of dynamic gameplay and tactical depths. This game focuses your attention on nothing but battle action and military base construction. There is no need to mine recourses as they are

Sw&Ear - Tales of Andaria

Try out the free Swords & Earrings demo version 'Sw&Ear - Demo'

Game of Life Active Wallpaper

Please download me I'm a hot little sexy app ^^

Tarot Trumps of Merlin

Optimized for Honeycomb tablets and small screen devices

Powerful imagery inspired by the mythology of Merlin featuring original artwork by Gloria Ricci published in card form by Museo Dei Tarocchi.

Lovers of fantasy art and lore will likely find this

Tigers of the Pacific

Take flight on a death defying journey across the Pacific and join the dogfight against a gang of ruthless fighter pilots. Tigers of the Pacific features quick action gameplay combined with awe inspiring 3D graphics and awesome audio and effects.And if

Circle of Death

Circle of Death is a party favorite. This version has a default rule set included with the ability for every single rule and description to be customized to your liking. Your customized rules will be saved to your phone and will be available for every sin

Wheel of Fortune

Take a spin on the all new Wheel of Fortune!