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Yahoo Messenger Tricks Pro

Surprise your family and friends with quick and fast Yahoo Messenger Tricks!Train your brain, learn Yahoo Messenger Tricks and amaze others!You can learn !Features:
-How to find Yahoo IP Address
-How to Find Invisible Yahoo Users
-Disable or rem

Palace Messenger Solitaire

Travel from one medieval palace to another and play different types of solitaire game at each one. Play and win as the messenger should deliver the valuable letters to the next palace. Use all your brains and skills to clear the playing board from the car

Redact - Secure Messenger

Redact is the world's first totally secure instant messenger application.Using encryption, ciphers and peer to peer messaging, Redact sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers. Messages you have

Instachat -Instagram Messenger

The best messenger/chat app for Instagram users ever! If you use Instagram and you want to privately chat with your friends and followers, this is the app for you.

☆ One-on-one Real-time chat with your friends on Instagram
☆ Online/Offline friend st

Klyph Messenger for Facebook

Caution : This app is in Beta stage !

Klyph Messenger for Facebook is, as its name suggests, a chat application for Facebook.

Light, simple, Klyph Messenger offers a clean interface to enjoy chatting with your friends on Facebook.

Current features :

AIO Instant Messenger

AIO Instant Messenger has taken chat to the next level!

AIO Instant Messenger supports MSN (Windows Live Messenger or WLM), Facebook, Google Hangouts (Google Talk / Orkut) and more!

With AIO Instant Messenger you can add any live chat social messenger