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MileBug Mileage Log & Expenses

*** Businessweek included MileBug as 1 of 4 services to keep tax records organized (15 April 2013) ****** Now with GPS TRACKING and MAP DISPLAY!! ***
*** Android 4.0 (ICS) & 4.1 (Jellybean) Support! ***Includes CSV reports and Data Backup/Restore via S

Poker Log

Poker log is a poker logging application to keep track of your cash game / tournament / casino games.Features: Autocomplete Location, Game, Buyin entry:The app will remember past entries to help you fill in your info Record notes with each s

Tax Receipt Log

Never lose that vital receipt again!
Never again be frustrated by lost bits of paper!
Never again enter receipts at tax time!
Never again fill in an expense claim for the Accounts Department! Tax Receipt Log helps you to easily track every itty b

Log Dumper and Emailer

This application is tool for developers. It helps them collect system/applicatio

Comic Book Log

This application will allow you to keep track of your comics and graphic novels.

Log Toaster

Log Toaster is an easy and powerful log reader tool for application developers.

Get Log Data

Please don't download this if we are not working together on something. It is m

Super Call Log Faker

Faker a call log with 3 types:
1. Incoming call
2. Outgoing call
3. Missed callWorks well on droid/nexus one.

Not Call Log 2 - Paid

Tired of calling people from your call log on accident! Use this simple little app to fix the default action that happens after a call.
Simply open the app and choose where you want the phone to take you after a phone call.
Free version always fixed Diabetes Management
Android - diabetes management app!

Call Log Assistant

Puts the Call Log and Favorites under Your Control!
Enable Always-on Favorites Cleansing runs after every call.
Enable Go to Home Screen after each call! No more ending up in the Contacts app.
Programmable Assistants fire after every call (plus

Expense Log FREE

Simple on-the-go expense tracker. Add expenses as you incur them, save recurring

Diabetes Log Book

Diabetes Log is a simple application for a doctor to keep tracks on his/her diab

Medication Log

Keep a log of medications your are taking with ease. Exceptionally simple and ea

Call + SMS Log Widget

See recent calls + SMS from the history, and call straight back using this home screen widget.What it does:
- Half 4:2 and full 4:4 sized widgets.
- Show up to 6 of your last calls + SMS received.
- Filler for incoming, outgoing, missed calls and

Calls Log (Secret Monitor)

Keep under constant check the Calls log of your phone! -spy yourself !