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Neko for Android LiveWallpaper

The porting of 'NekoDA'. Neko was originally written for the NEC PC-9801. It wa

Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper

Liven up your phone with the sexiest live wallpaper ! Enjoy sexy & sensual professional models dancing & undulating on your phone!Surf the girls by hitting your screen. ** SHAKE YOUR PHONE to make them dance ! **Want to try another girl ? shake your scree

StickMan LiveWallpaper

★ ☆ Limited time only! SPECIAL PRICE Campaign! ☆ ★ Overachiever, but innocent Stick Man's playful comedy!?
Just looking at this wallpaper makes us happy♪
by★You can choose the background from a note,
cross-section paper, Japanese wr

Celestial Bodies LiveWallpaper

Do you love space? Are you tired of staring at pictures of your loved ones? Have other live wallpapers let you down with their uninspired lacklustery?A yes or no answer to any of the previous questions probably means you will love this live wallpaper.Cele

Jungle Waterfall LiveWallpaper

A beautiful live wallpaper featuring a tropical waterfall surrounded by jungle ruins! Not a movie, supports home screen switching and correctly supports both landscape and portrait mode. Settings available for for fog density and color, camera speed, ti

Rain of Diamonds LiveWallpaper

Make your phone a sparkling jewel and flood your screen with a rain of brilliant diamonds.
Touch the screen and crumble the diamonds.The PINK SATIN background is available in the settings clicking on "Background from web".Give a nice and innovative pre

pink heart LiveWallpaper

★ ☆ Limited time only! SPECIAL PRICE Campaign! ☆ ★ It is a live wallpaper which is able to lovely decorate your specification with charm of heart of pink base.
by★The heart and the star additionally shake to touch, the slide, and the incli

paper town LiveWallpaper

★ ☆ Limited time only! SPECIAL PRICE Campaign! ☆ ★ The LiveWallpaper of kind of cute and stylish streets expressed by the paper craft. Coming of winter on paper town! It is created a unusual town scenery by snowing. Let's enjoy winter!:)

sweet tree LiveWallpaper

★ ☆ Limited time only! SPECIAL PRICE Campaign! ☆ ★ A live wallpaper that imaged in girl's dream♪
The girl is surrounding by favorite things in the cute pastel world♪
by★It is possible to choose girl’s clothes from three kinds of clothes

cherry*  LiveWallpaper

Beautiful! The Analog Clock Cherry ♪Falling cherry petals with glowIt is very cute pink ★ sakura[Setting]
Home > Menu > Wallpaper > LiveWallpaper > cherry*
--Setting and Update--
Please try again when becoming an error. (After setting other wallp

Honeycomb LiveWallpaper Donate

Presenting the first decent Honeycomb live wallpaper.
Multi-colored flares for you to customize, trail length and frequency is also customizable.This donate version fully enables two special modes (Lightning Strikes and Electric Sparks)... please suppo

Real 3D PhotoBox LiveWallpaper

The first real 3D PhotoBox live wallpaper for Android.

WIND LiveWallpaper

★ ☆ Limited time only! SPECIAL PRICE Campaign! ☆ ★ Live wallpaper of surpassing beauty, which is scenery of fresh wind power generation.
It is likely to look admiringly at scudding clouds in magnificence and movements of wing that turns soundlessly.

Strawberry Choco LiveWallpaper

Likely to be sweet Strawberry&Chocolate clock Glitter standby ★ is cute

Honeycomb neon LiveWallpaper

Swipe the screen to add more of glitter items.

Cylon Datastream LiveWallpaper

Watch the Cylon Datastream as the data moves across the screen. Then touch somewhere to have the data stream into your fingertips.Double Tap to set a touch point.
Triple Tap to remove the touch point.Check out the settings to see all the ways that you