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The Impossible Game

The best selling iPhone App and Xbox Live Indie Game comes to Android - it's quite possibly the world's hardest game!

With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your orange square over spikes and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the l

Driveway Basketball Game

9 New Game Modes! PLUS, Play a friend PIG/Horse/Around the World (one phone). Great Basketball game for your phone!Driveway Basketball lets you play 9 of your favorite home basketball games including:* Pig
* Horse
* Around the World
* 30 & 60sec

Hearts Card Game (JDHearts)

Jack of Diamonds Hearts Card Game
*Jack of D -10
*Sound with on/off
*Queen of S breaks
*Change player's names
*Landscape or portrait
*AutoSave scores, stats & hand
*Show scores, ptr cards taken
*Show cumulative statistics

Contact Baseball

> Build a custom baseball team using friends from your contact book. > Play against your android device and build your team stats. Upgrade players> Tons of stats... per game stats... team stats... player stats... pitcher stats... online stats...>>> Beat a

Fly on Live Wallpaper Game

Smash flies, have fun, play a game on your wallpaper!

The Impossible Game Level Pack

This Level Pack contains three brand new levels for The Impossible Game: Chaoz Fantasy, Heaven and Phazd - each with a unique soundtrack! New features include inverse gravity, falling blocks and changing backgrounds.

Make sure you've played 'The Impossi

Chip It In 2.0 Golf Game

Chip It In is a fun and simple golf chipping game.

Blink - A Super Fast Card Game

Using sharp eyes and fast hands, players quickly try to match the shape, count or color on the cards. The first player out of cards wins! How fast are your physical and mental reflexes? Can you keep up on all 5 levels? Get it now and find out. You can eve

Nyan cat Game Wallpaper Alarm

this app is free, it is great to donate ! thanks ;) in case of bugs, please repo

31 Card Game aka Blitz

31 is a fast paced addictive card game for 1 player and 3 computer players. 31 is easy to catch on to, easy to play with straight forward rules. Anybody who likes card games will love 31.31 is fun and exciting for people of all ages. The computer players

Chess Game

Chess Game is the best designed chess game, and it's free & with NO Ads!

Dante: THE INFERNO game

Note: It reuses your level progress saved in the free v1.4.0 or higher."Amazingly designed." - The"The Inferno' – A Hellishly Good Action-Puzzler" - TouchArcade"The graphics in this game are simply amazing...

Ping Pong Top Game

Play the best Ping Pong game and improve your reflexes! Full game, no ads!Features:
- Choose your control style: touch screen or tilt device (accelerometer)
- Four different difficulty levels
- Statistics to track your progress as you improve

3D Pool game - 3ILLIARDS

The best looking mobile billiards game is here!3ILLIARDS is three games in one, play 9-ball, 8-ball and snooker in single-player, multi-player or versus CPU!It features excellent HD-quality 3D graphics, customizable clubs and tables, three AI difficulty l

War The Card Game

Version 1.1.0
*Added sound
*Multiplayer: Battles will now occur when the second player clicks their card. This should fix an issue where players would be uncertain which cards were parti

Drinking Game - Kings Pro

Ever wanted to be the life of the party? Or save the day when a drinking session is tanking? Now you can. With this functional, attractive version of Four Kings/ Kings Cup. Even if you have played this game before, this is a great way to learn new rules a