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DJ Rivals

Master the music everywhere you go!

DJ Party Mixer MP3 Player

Last night a DJ saved my life. This app turns you and your smartphone into the life of the party. Take your on-device music library, compile and edit playlists and mix mp3s in realtime. Pro-features such as cue points and crossfades, both fully automatic

DJ Live Wallpaper

Transform your boring wallpaper into a stylish CDJ or turntable deck!Audio playback features:* load songs from your phone into the turntables, and play them
* move the record with your finger to manipulate the song position
* Play/PauseC

Pocket DJ Vintage

#1 Top user's choice on Android with more than half million downloads for the free version. Join the community!Have some fun with this vintage 2 deck DJ turntable and mix your musics with your fingers!_Warning_
It is an application for fun and mainly d


DJ PRO is the most advanced mixing system available for Android devices.

This app is the same as 'DJ' but with all the UPGRADES active by default. Forever.

Twin mixing decks are available in a super smooth 50fps OpenGL environment.

NETWORK Mode lets

Virtual DJ Turntable Pro

Plug your Android device into your DJ mixer and mix in songs with this professional quality application!Features:
· ±20% Pitch Control with ±0.01% Accuracy
· Pitch Preservation/Lock Functionality
· Waveform Generation & Seeking
· Auto-Silence DJ Mixes & Podcasts
Android is the #1 music app for listening to live recorded DJ Mixes from clubs and festivals all over the world. Take your favorite DJ Mixes with you for listening anytime, anywhere.Features:* Listen to top-ranked DJs from over 180 countries* Get instant

Droid DJ Lite

Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing visual decks, with MP3 support..

DJ Studio 4

Throw a tune on the deck, mix it or start scratching while on the go!

Pocket DJ Vintage FREE

Transform your device into a DJ turntable and start mixing with your fingers!

DJ Control

Wireless DJ MIDI controller for your favorite computer DJing application! .

DJ Player

DJ Player

DJ mixes

DJ Mixes App finally's got a new and improved concept! Check out here your favor

DJ Holiday

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DJ Agent M - Official App

Download the Official Dj Agent M Android Application. Gain access to new mixes,

DJ Bible Reading Plan

The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan guides you through the ESV Bible in