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Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator EvaluatorThe best Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator around. Super fast response.Evaluate your chances of winning in Texas Holdem Poker. Simply enter your cards. You do not need to know opponents cards.Adjusts for the number of players.Al

Texas Holdem Calculator

Texas Holdem Calculator is a intuitive and complete app for calculating the odds of a Texas Hold'em Poker game.
After you entered the cards for any given stage (Pre-Flop,Flop,Turn,River) it will instantly calculate the odds of your hand compared to the

ICM Poker Deal Calculator

Compute your fair share of chop deals near the end of poker tournaments using an Independent Chip Model Calculation. Payouts may be entered in Dollars or Percentages. Many features for quick entry of data. Save payout structures for reuse. You will lo

Texas Hold'Em Calculator

Calculates your odds of winning a hand of Texas Hold'em in any situation, against up to 9 opponents.Quick no keyboard interface.Enter your cards and the cards that are on the table, and it will calculate:
- win/lose odds
- top 3 threats
- top 3 w

Poker Card Strength Calculator

A Poker utility which calculates hand strength pre-flop, after flop, turn and river for a SINGLE Player
Real time outs calculation as the cards are selected
Highlights the winning hand combinations and provides pot odd based on the pot amount and be

Poker Odds and Outs Calculator

Best Texas Holdem Odds and Outs Poker Calculator for Android.
-Evaluate up to 9 opponent hands
-Put them on "Specific", "Random" or on "RANGES"!
-Best Hand at the current Stage
-Odds, Outs
-Odds of Flopping certain

Poker Odds Calculator Free

Find your chances of winning in Texas Holdem Poker immediately.

CJ Poker Odds Calculator

Fast Poker Calculator!!!

ShuffleBot Hold'em Calculator

ShuffleBot - Free Texas Holdem Odds Poker Calculator

Poker Odds Out calculator FREE

Best Texas Holdem Odds and Outs Calculator for Android. Feature: -Rank of your

Pokemon Stats Calculator v2

Great pokemon Stats calculator who will make every pokefan life easier...

Bridge Calculator Free

Score bridge contracts

Pokemon IVs Calculator v2

Great pokemon IV calculator who will make every pokefan life easier...

Kids Calculator

Increase your kid's maths by making calculator more fun for them. They can choos

Super Calculator (figures)

Comme le concours de TV, opera pour atteindre l'objectif. Entraîne ton cerveau!

Mortgage Calculator Full

Featured in book "Best Android Apps"!Are you a busy realtor or a bank officer or simply out for a home or car? Use this handy tool for regular, bi-weekly, Yearly, Interest Only, Balloon, Canadian, FHA, VA, USDA, Weekly, Semi-Monthly loans.You can email, e