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Breastfeeding Management 2

An evidence-based application developed by the renowned Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition to help the clinician identify, triage, and manage common breastfeeding problems in the first weeks of life. The Breastfeed App, formerly available for free, now

Breastfeeding info

Breastfeeding is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk direct

Breastfeeding Tracker

Pediatrician designed and recommended for mothers who are breastfeeding their newborn baby. Includes not only breast feeding timers but also supports bottle feeding (breast milk or formula), pumping (expressing) (by itself or during feeding), and supplem

Breastfeeding - key

This is the key to the application, "Breastfeeding," which disables ads and opens the full functionality of the application, including a handy widget on the desktop.Breastfeeding - an application for the young and modern moms, which allows you to:
- Re

Breastfeeding log

I made this app for my child's mother to help her keep track of when she was feeding our son and from which breast. We thought that the existing app's that has the same functionality was complicated with a lot of unnecessary features. Features:
* Easy