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Finance Utilities

Personal finance application that allows the user to choose between three sub pr

Risk Board Game Utilities

You know when you play the board game Risk, in the end when you attack with armies of great quantities, it can be boring to throw then dices a million times.This app simulates the attack from input of number of attack and defence armies, and shows you the

Norton Utilities & Task Killer

Manage your device effectively and easily.

myLock utilities

Use the myLock to enable quick unlock, incoming call options, and in-call touchs

Rolemaster Utilities (Free)

A set of utilities for the Rolemaster FRP game (dice roller+treasure generation)

Presto Utilities RC4

It requires ROOT access. Send your comments, suggestions, wishes or requests t

Router Utilities

Router Utilities for ADSL - Default Ports - Portforwarding - default passwords

Boating Utilities Pro

Boating Utilities - Making Boating Safer
This handy app is essential for when you are out on your boat or yacht. It not only helps as a tool but also helps in emergency situations when you and/or your passengers are in danger.Key Features:1. Fuel / Oil