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Ever CD-R RA WAV to MP3 Manager 1.6.74

Ever CD-R RA WAV to MP3 Manager as the publisher gives excellent FREE after.

Ever CD-R VQF OGG to CDA Manager 1.4.20

querying Audio CD CDDB information from internet.

Ever M4P RM to CD Manager 1.3.86

Free technical support for registered users. Free upgrades and fixes.

ID Manager 6.9

Don't use paper and pen to keep your passwords, use ID Manager!

Key Manager 1.4

Key, mouse button and key combination remapper and action assigner

PLUS Manager 1.00

Order Processing and Inventory Management software - estimate, generate quote.

Toy Manager 4.1.0

Doll and Toy inventory and cataloging software

PDF Manager 3.00

PDF Manager allows you to quickly search text in PDF files by performing a speedy full-text search, and enables you to convert PDF files to TXT files. With PDF Manager, you will easily find the information you want in all documents on your hard disk or lo

FAR Manager

Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems

Just Manager

Just Manager is a feature packed, versatile, multi-tabbed multi-pane file manager for the Windows operating system

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