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Timesheet Manager
Windows Phone

Manage your work hours with this easy and Intuitive app

Finance Manager
Windows Phone

Finance Manager is the application which enables you to maintain your banks, expenses and other financial calculation in a simple and efficient way

Album Manager
Windows Phone

Do you have an experience that "Huh? When/Where/Why did I take this photo?" This application enable to add a comment to pictures, so that you can remember why and what did you take the pictures

My World Manager
Windows Phone

The primary content of the application is in Russian

Money Manager
Windows Phone

Money Manager is a complete, quick and easy to use financial management tool

Flickr Manager
Windows Phone

Flickr Manager allows you to access your Flickr.com account from your Windows Phone 7

Better Movie Manager Pro
Windows Phone

Better Movie Manager is just that, a better way to manage and enjoy your movies

Debt Manager
Windows Phone

Debt manager is a simple and easy to use application that will allow you to remember who owes you money and to how you owe money

Fanpage Manager
Windows Phone

Fanpage Manager is a first tool for Windows Phone which allows Facebook users to post status updates and photos as a Facebook fanpage

Deadlines Manager
Windows Phone

Do you often forget to do given task or miss any important deadline? Deadlines Manager is clear application used to deadlines management

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