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Spending Manager
Windows 8

This app let's track your expenses by grouping them in lists

Code Manager
Windows 8

You can use this tool to view or edit or save VC++ solution(vs2012)

Product Manager
Windows 8

Are you the product owner in one or more scrum teams? Want to focus on the part that matters the most in your day to day work? Then Product Manager is the app for you

manager magazin
Windows 8

Lesen Sie das manager magazin in digitaler Form auf Ihrem Windows 8-Tablet, -Laptop und -PC

To Do Task Manager
Windows 8

This is a simple task manager. You can create,edit and delete,save all your tasks to text file and sync your tasks with server

Product Key Manager
Windows 8

The Product Key Manager is an easy to use application to help you manage your software licenses and product keys

Bookmark Manager
Windows 8

Bookmark Manager allows you to save any web page as bookmark and visit it later

Pass Manager
Windows 8

Encrypts and keeps track of your passwords, log- ins and pin codes

Playlist Manager
Windows 8

Playlist Manager is a Cloud based application that lets you organize your songs in playlists and you can play your playlists anywhere you go and on any PC you want to

Coffee Manager
Windows 8

Have you ever wondered how to professional coffee maker works? How does he know is not enough coffee? With this application you always know how much coffee remain in your home coffee maker

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