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My Money Manager
Windows 8

Ever imagined if there was a (Facebook like) timeline but only to track your income and expenses

LaCie Manager
Windows 8

Manage your LaCie network storage device from your mobile phone

Receipt Manager
Windows 8

A simple, easy to use receipt manager to keep track of expenses

Car loan Manager
Windows 8

This is an application that can be used for Calculating the Car Loan amount

My Event Manager
Windows 8

Event Planner is an application to provide you easy and quick way to manage your events

Contest Manager
Windows 8

Divide all players into randomly selected teams. Choose between 1-16 players and teams, enter player names, and the app takes care of the rest

Grocery Manager
Windows 8

This app lets you organize and track your groceries

My Password Manager
Windows 8

This application helps you to store in an easy accessible way your passwords

My Asset Manager
Windows 8

You have spent a great deal of time collecting your home asset such as your HDTV, couch or Home theater system

ManageMySpa Manager
Windows 8

ManageMySpa's mobile app for employees gives you access to your business while you're on the go

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