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To Do Manager
Windows 8

To Do manager - this is an application, which will help you to organize projects, plans, tasks and improve your performance in the future

My Car Manager Pro
Windows 8

You wonder how much you spend on your car? You want to control the costs and to see all the statistics refuellings and servicing? Then this application is for you

Car Manager Pro
Windows 8

Car Manager Pro is an innovative auto tracking system, which is essential in your daily busy life to keep track your monthly total auto expenses

Contest Manager
Windows 8

Divide all players into randomly selected teams. Choose between 1-16 players and teams, enter player names, and the app takes care of the rest

Grocery Manager
Windows 8

This app lets you organize and track your groceries

My Password Manager
Windows 8

This application helps you to store in an easy accessible way your passwords

My Asset Manager
Windows 8

You have spent a great deal of time collecting your home asset such as your HDTV, couch or Home theater system

ManageMySpa Manager
Windows 8

ManageMySpa's mobile app for employees gives you access to your business while you're on the go

Game Manager
Windows 8

Game Manager is your best helper for organizing tournaments (round-robin)

Retail Biz Manager
Windows 8

Retail Biz Manager is a powerful app designed to help you with ninety nine percent of your business decisions and is extremely easy to use

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