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IP Manager

IP Manager makes it easy for you to view your current internal, external IP address of your iPhone or iPod touch at a glance. Since your external IP address changes frequently in 3G network, IP manager helps to keep track you IP address change and Let you

Eco Manager

© © Eco Consumer Services

Med Manager

The Medication Manager is designed to keep track of when medications can be taken. Once you enter the medications you are taking, the Manager provides a list of medications that are available to be taken and a list of medications that are not yet availab

DNS-323 Manager

This application allow you to manage your DNS-323 device (D-Link Network Storage) from your iPhone or iPod touch. Please note that D-Link is not responsible of this application. Features : - Shutdown - Restart - turn on or off the power Led only with

Gas Manager

Gas management for iPhone and iPod touch.

Gas Manager includes various tools for planning and blending diving gases, including nitrox and trimix partial pressure blending, top off and best mix calculators, as well as MOD, END & EAD calcu

My Manager

Hope this App will be the best partner on your devices! Allows organizing any type of info!

This is the latest App for iPad Technology!

MY MANAGER is a Powerful, Easy to use APPLICATION for iPad that allows keeping all your Personal

Box Manager

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Pay Manager

Pay Manager is the most powerful tool to assist your payments ,designed with simplicity and functionality. It contains: -Sale Price Calculator: Sale Price Calculator calculates the total cost of an item after percentage discounts and sales tax. Make i


Die innovative Webapplikation für alle Reinigungs-Dienstleister - weltweit! Die Kärcher ECO!Manager-App ist das zukunftsweisende Tool für QS-Prüfungen zu jeder Zeit an jedem Ort. Normenkonformwerden sämtliche relevanten Daten über Barcodes direkt vor Ort

INR & OAT Manager

The application is designed to facilitate the management of their INR and Oral Anticoagulant Therapy correct on your device storing the results of laboratory tests (INR) and anticoagulant therapy as prescribed by your doctor (OAT). It 'also a gra

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