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Juno's Piano - Learn Songs, Play with Parents, and Free Play

Juno’s Piano takes a fresh spin on musical learning by introducing how to play the piano through Juno, the main character of the Award-winning series Juno Baby and JunoJr.

*What the critics are saying:*

"If you're thinking a

Juno's Piano - Learn Songs, Play with Parents, and Free Play HD

This is the HD iPad version of Juno's Piano app!

*What the critics are saying:*

"[Juno's Piano] is both fun and instructional, teaching kids to play songs on the piano and also allowing them free-play time."
-- C

Baby Play I- A knowledge-based App that helps new mom and dad play wit

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Play Philosophy - Play Panta Rei Lite

Beat philosophy, download Play Panta Rei Lite! The first philosophical video game where you play against seven philosophical ideas. Play it with bravery and beat Socrates, Plato, Bergson, and many other philosophers! Play it now; the game is “simple an

Little Girl Play With Her Friends - Play,Eat,Bat,Clean

It's nap time, but baby woke up, so she called her friend to come home, they play together, play with toys, dancing, and then eat together, slapstick, and then take a shower, but my mother came back, they clean up the house together friend back,

Build and Play - Construction Play Scene

Build and Play - Construction Stickers Sets provide hours of portable fun. Perfect app for fun at home or on the go.


How To Play Golf - Learn How To Play Fast

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The "How To Play Golf" App is a fantastic app that will help your learn how to play golf. If you are a experienced golfer this app will also benefit you and will help you improve on your golf swing.

Best Play Piano: Play Guide
Windows 8

There are plenty of advantages that come with playing piano

Play Philosophy - Play Panta Rei

"The game of philosophy [...] philosophical concepts expressed using videogames." -- Corriere della sera, Lombardia "By playing many various, simple and engaging mini-games, we could understand some of the most famous and original philosophical ideas."

PLAY THE BASS! Learn to play the bass guitar (LITE)

The best way of learning to play the bass guitar (LITE)

A brand new and multimedia bass method by bestseller author Tom Bornemann! This App for iPad offers the perfect possibility to learn how to play the electric bass alo

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