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Part Time Software Time Clock

The Part Time Software Time Clock is an application for keeping track of time spent working for multiple companies or clients. It has the ability to contain time information for multiple jobs per company. The data can be output to your SD-Card.

Geofency Time Tracking - Automatic Time Logging: Location-based & Batt

GEOFENCY offers fully automatic location based time tracking on the iPhone, in which manual Check-In/Check-Out is a chimera of the past. The arrive or depart times are recorded automatically as if by magic, as soon as you enter or leave a place. Of c

Ever Spy Rootkit Spoofers Stopper 1.3.84

Check quality of system security.

Pop Up Stopper and Ad Killer for Kazaa 1.04

Tired of being hit by pop ups while you run your file sharing program? Pop Up Stopper and Ad Killer is designed to automatically detect and stop the pop up windows that are opened by popular file sharing programs such as Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Morph

Merry Bot Adware RAT Stopper 1.3.78

Merry Bot Adware RAT Stopper is a password-protected Internet security utility.

Crunch Time Playbook: In-Bounds Plays To Score With Limited Time - Wit

Every coach needs to know how to great shots and open looks with limited time on the clock, and this App is an encyclopedia of those actions that can make or break a season or a game.
Greg Clink of Chico State University offers great ways to get

Bright Ninja Tells Time – Learn to Tell the Time with an Analog Clock

** Learn to tell the time and become a Time-Telling Ninja, with help from Sensei and Monkey **

“My daughter didn't know how to tell the time on an analog clock before playing with this app”

“It’s amazing how the challenge of ge

Amazing Time – Telling & Learning Time Games for Kids

★ 8 cute time games/6 cartoon clocks/4 difficulty levels
★ AM/PM automatically background/ 12 hour format/ 24 hour format

Walk up! Walk Up! Play and learn with Mr. Wolf!
Mr. Wolf will not catch you, he will teach you:


Time Tracker 2 Go - Automatically Track Time and Expenses at a Custome

Time Tracker 2 Go - The best way to keep track of how much time you spend at a customer's location.

Time Tracker 2 Go automatically keeps track of how much time you spend at your customer's locations. You no longer have to remember w

Parking Time - Meter Tracking, GPS Car Location, and Low Time Reminder

Never forget where you parked, and stop worrying about expiring meters with Parking Time. This easy-to-use tool uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS to tag the location of your car when you park. Tell it how much time you have on your meter and it will se

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